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Importance Of Change Management Essay

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In the competitive world, organisation change is very crucial and important issue. It is true that if we want to get success in long run, we need to implement change as per the market and time requirement. It is the continuous process that takes place due to various internal and external environment of the organization. Winston Churchill states that “If we do not take change by the hand, it will surely take us by throat”. ...view middle of the document...

So they have the feeling that change will not be in their favour (Brookins. M).
2. Lack of information about the current situation of the company – In this case, the second reason of resistance is that workers are not aware about the current financial situation of the company and this is the reason that they do not want to co-operate in changing process of the company.
Like this case, it is true that organizational change is not easily accepted by the employees. It requires great efforts by the organization to motivate and encourage its workforce to accept the changes and to work in favour of the organization (Zimmermann. N, 2011). In Ajax Mineral, the executive implemented two new strategies for changing their attitude and perception towards the management and company and to convince them for accepting the changes.
1. Interactive Sessions - Management has started interactive sessions where the management executives, supervisors and workers come together for the meeting and discuss various issues related to the performance of the organization. It was the first initiative taken by Ajax Minerals to build up the trust of the workers for the company. The company tries to involve the workers in planning and other process for its success.
2. Access to Open Book System – First time in the history of the company, Ajax Mineral has started the system of access to Open Book system randomly by the workers. It helps the workers to understand the exact financial situation of the company and there are possibilities that they would understand the importance of change as per the requirement of the time and will co-operate for its successful implementation.
Perrier Company
Perrier Company is very well known brand of mineral water in the world. There was no doubt that the company was very successful and growing good. But suddenly, there was sharp decline in the sales of the company. It results into financial loss of the company. After analysing the case study of Perrier Company in detail, it was found that company did not implement changes as per the requirement of the time and the workers were also very oppose to change. The reasons of resistance to change by workers are following –
1. Great Influence of Union – It is found that workers in Perrier Company are under great influence of CGT union and opposed to implement any new changes. All the major decisions are taken by the union and the workers show the adamant attitude towards the management activities. It seems that workers do not have any trust in management and this is the reason that they are not ready to co-operate with management.
2. Lack of awareness about the internal and external situation of the company – It seems that workers are not aware internal financial situation of the company and external situation including the other brands, competitors, and the market requirement.
The situation was really out of control and it was difficult for the management to change the mind of...

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