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Importance Of Diversity Traini Essay

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Diversity training has become a necessity in businesses today. Diversity training is necessary because of people's differences in our work force. Some of these differences are race, gender, culture, age, and disabilities. Because our organization is so diverse, this program will help educate, sensitize and prepare people to get along in our workplace. If done right, I feel that the training programs will bring our company promising results. One study by Katrina Jordan on diversity training in the workplace from the perspective of organization/human resources diversity practitioners and diversity consultants showed positive results. Some of ...view middle of the document...

Programs are made up to cover a wide range of topics. These topics include defining, developing and managing diversity, harassment prevention, cross cultural communication, and creating an affirming environment. Workers will be able to bring up their own specific topics as well. Training sessions will be of two types. First we will have a series of speaker's come in at least once every other week and talk to large groups no larger than 75 people. Also during the week between smaller groups of no more that 20 people will meet for discussions. All sessions will be held at times convenient to all employees. To try to create an informal environment we will serve coffee and donuts. For the training programs to make a positive impact it is important for all levels of employees to take part. Training must begin from the top down. H.R participants say that it is essential for top executives to take part in these training sessions. Middle management will be stressed to attend, since they are doing a lot of interaction with people. Following a substantial period of time the company should be able to notice a difference in job performance and hopefully increase profits. Since we can utilize our conference room and auditorium the price for the training program is very inexpensive. The lectures will be brought in from the outside for a standard lecture fee. A small amount will be spent for refreshments to help create a relaxed environment. In the end the program should basically pay for itself.

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