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Importance Of Diversity Within An Organization

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Importance of Diversity in a Business
Visualize a world where every human being was the same. Every person thought alike, grew up with an identical background, and were taught similar views, values, as well as a matching mindset. Their appearances were undistinguishable height, skin color, and weight. Not one person would have their own identity or have a chance let their creativity and uniqueness empower in a situation; there would already be millions exactly like them. Envision that setting within an organization; not a very pleasant scenery. There would be “replicas” of everyone walking around. If organizations require high levels of uniformity, it alters the business’s success and ...view middle of the document...

Innovation Within the Organization
Is it not in the company’s favor when its workers are full of innovation and creativity? When the personnel within the organization are all alike; for example, think uniformly, look the same, and act similar, they will most likely all contribute to the company in the same ways. On the other hand, if the employees are diverse with different ethnicities, genders or origin, they will all likely think in entirely opposite ways. By all the employees being different and thinking differently they will contribute to the organization each in their own ways. “When diverse beings provide their highest productivity possible, it changes an organizations culture and infrastructure”, (Kinicki &Kreitner, 2013) . The writers explain that when people are brought together to solve problems in groups, they bring different information, opinions and perspectives each providing extra benefits for the company. Diversity enhances creativity and brings many ideas and combines it as one. Differing perspectives can allow workers to examine the task at hand and each utilize their unique ideas to enhance the business.
Diversity in a company’s population also promotes the sharing of distinct ideas and methods to reach a solution. When participants are placed in a uniform group, they rest somewhat certain that they will all reach agreement with one another; that they will understand one another's perspectives and beliefs; and will be able to easily come to a settlement. Having that mindset will consequently be detrimental and maim the opportunities of bringing major improvements into the organization. Alternatively, when members of a group notice that they are socially different from one another, they change their expectations. “They anticipate differences of opinion and perspective. They assume they will need to work harder to come to a consensus” (Plaut, 2014 ). As explained by Plaut, the mindset of a person with a diverse perspective automatically assumes that by being different, they will have to work harder in order to achieve a common solution with others. One of the main reasons diversity is essential inside an organization is...

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