Importance Of Educational Video Games Essay

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Importance of Eduactional Games

According to AJ Martin (July 13, 2013) in his case study entitled “Video Games as a Part of Life” he stated that, “Some parents see video games as a brain-damaging waste of time, but recent studies show the opposite, video games help people, no wonder why they use it for rehab, training and just plain fun. It’s no secret that the Philippines is addicted to video games, in fact if you’re in a city in the Philippines, you can find an internet cafe within walking distance, and if you enter that internet cafe, there are bound to be teenagers there playing DotA or Counter-Strike or some other game. This isn’t a bad thing because it develops friendship, teamwork ...view middle of the document...

The second phase was a qualitative testing not only to identify areas of the game that need to be improved, but also the overall perception and acceptance of the game among target players. Moreover, the project investigated the critical elements of an educational game design based from the test results in order to improve the framework for future development of educational games. From the test results, it was found out that the qualitative evaluations of the created games were higher than expected. All of the students that participated enjoyed playing the games, even though most of them did not finish it completely. Interviews with the players showed that they were very much interested in learning through games and were even excited about the idea of having games integrated into their educational curriculum rather than listening to classroom lectures.”
An article entitled “Philippine game development industry: Getting ahead of the game” by Karen (November 27, 2012) stated that, “MANILA, Philippines – The PC and game consoles industry is rapidly evolving, and advancements in processing, programming, graphics, and design will continue to spur the growth of the game development industry.
The Philippines provides a rich stream of talented workforce equipped with the skills set to perform character design, game programming, application programming for use in games (such as the creation of chat application for online games), user interface design, motion capture services, game art and animation, voice dubbing and sound production, game porting (translation of existing games into other language formats or into other platforms), game testing, and gamer community support.
An article entitled “Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning” by Karen (July 30, 2012) stated that, “When kids play, they remember. They may not be aware they are learning, but they are having fun. When you have a good laugh with your siblings, parents or friends that stays with you. And the great thing is that is comes so naturally, if we only let it.
With greater empirical research on the instructional effectiveness of games and how game elements such as logic, memory, visualization and creative problem solving being integral to any learning process, games has proven to be able to convey skills such as time management, leadership and teamwork.”
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An article entitled “Proper Educational Games Improves Your Child's Skill” by Edmund Brunetti (Sept. 8, 2011) stated that, “Games of any form are necessary for the physical growth likewise to achieve mental efficiency one need to play educational games to exercise the brain similar to a physical exercise. By letting children, teens and students use games as a method of studying, learning will come naturally as it already provides the much needed knowledge while playing and partaking in the videogame.
An article entitled “Educational Games: What Makes Them Educational” by Edmund Brunetti (Sept. 8, 2011)...

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