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Importance Of Family And Friends In Life

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Friends, family ,academics ,co –curricular activities-is it not just a little too much for us?
Well ,we can’t grumble. In fact, we mustn’t. After all its a normal teenager’s life.

Yes often we are moody, disoriented and lazy too. We are under scrutiny and influence all the time.
This society is what influences us
Our parents do our friends do our political and educational system does.
The truth is today we are entangled rather embroiled in a web of distractions which often prove to be disastrous.
Lets give you all a glimpse of what thoughts are prevailing in our minds
Why do we feel that this whole world is an enemy of ours? Friends are the only solace and parents are some kind of devils descended on this earth to torture us
Why do they not listen?
Why this life has to be so hard and demanding
Everyone is demanding something from us
Our friends wants us to hang out with them
Our parents wants us to be ...view middle of the document...

Yes friends are crucial.They help us to grow emotionally they are our social circle where we interact and communicate .They are our companions sailing in the same boat heading to attain success and sensibility.
Friends motivate us.They adore us for what we are and acts as a critic whenever we deter
Friends have a great influence .if our friend has some kind of habit we may get that from him too.
So thats why basically we say chose ur friends carefully
From those initial steps to our uttering our first word all those stubborn wishes and all those summer camps till today parents are those wondrous creatures who are meant to be with us.
They are our guardians, ones who we look upon to.
Well, rnt we exaggerating?
Looking at what we have become today we seem to be quite aggressive and defiant towards our parents. Why?
This one’s a little dicy.
Well is it because you have a lot of hw to complete?
Or did you have a fight in school?
Or is it basically because you think ur life sucks!!
Whatever the reason may be we should express it out .But to whom?
Yes our parents!! our friends may not have an apt answer to these frustrations cause they are going through the same
Your parents are your identity, well at least till you are grown up adults
Interact with parents, try to communicate your ideas,your interests to them.
There may be many issues in which u may have differing views than your parents
No one can pressurise us to become something we don’t long to
Parents need to understand !! and they eventually would if we are firm enough. if we know what to do and even if we fail they would be there for us.
We too need to start listening and interpreting things with a new perception –A POSITIVE PERCEPTION.
Ask ur father how her day was .help your mother in the kitchen
WE possibly cannot expect others to listen to us until we don’t do so.

There is no protagonist and antagonist in this issue and our this life is definitely not a battle.
Ours is simply a world with distinct ideologies and it ought to be
Otherwise imagine how boring life would be!!

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