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Importance Of Goal Setting Essay

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Positive goals promote a well life setting for any job seekers in this world. When we fail in our own goals, we have no interest of planning anymore, and our time is poorly spent. One of the realities of life is the decision making and how it affects us as a society or community. Planning can make a major difference when it comes to our own decisions because we want our goals to be fulfilled and achieved. I truly believed that if one plan on achieving his/her aspirations and setting goals is an important step for each individual. It is not only gives him/her a clear focus, but it also helps him/her to organize his/ her plans by allowing ourselves to have time limits and boundaries. There are ...view middle of the document...

At the age of eighteen, I have finished my twelfth grade and ready to graduate; however, I could not graduate since I did not pass the science and social studies portions of the graduation test requirements. I felt so bad because most of my friends that I knew were graduation, except for me.
Continuously, I have retaken the graduation test a hand full of times, and it took me two years to finally pass both portions of the test. At the age of twenty one, I finally have received my high school diploma. I am excited to go to college and study about business. My efforts of waiting and retaking had finally paid off. As what most people say, “Patience is a virtue.” I can finally set positive goals in life and achieve it.
Secondly, I worked hard to try to do well on my studies and enhance my knowledge. I attempted to be involved on any activity that I can do, like in academic or social interactions with other students. I can challenge myself to be successful and have good grades in all of my classes. Or, I can socially interact with other students and be involved in a study group. Going to college would be a major achievement in my family, even for me, because I am the first person in my whole family to attend college. After I graduate from college, I want to start a career as a professional in business management.
Thirdly, I would like to have a different set of new path at the age of twenty five. One of the new things that I wanted to do as a dream of mine, I would like to change my career choice as a medical assistant and be familiarized with it. Once I am settled on my new career choice, I would like to begin a new path in my life. I want to be married and start a family. My plans are to buy my first car, first home with four bedrooms, and live in Atlanta at the suburbs. And, I want to pursue my education to a new higher level.
Lastly, before I turn fifty, my other major goal is to finish with my masters degree and start a few businesses. I have planned to start a gas station and computer store or café with my future husband. My children will be send to college and let them pursue their own goals and dreams in life. Moreover, my husband and I will be starting to plan for retirement after we sell our businesses. By then, I have planned on being financially stable and stay happy with my lifetime partner. I have worked hard for these positive set of goals because I want a good life for myself and to my family, especially for my children.
Furthermore, I have seen my goals as tangible as it could be, and they are within my reach if I stretch my arms to touch them. Setting goals is not only for me, but it is also for other job seekers too. It is important to push ourselves harder and think big for our future goals, and we have to...

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