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Importance To Read Cistomers Essay

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Importance of different factors in supermarket operations:

Here I discuss how the factors are important to run the operation of a supermarket successfully:
a. Customer satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction means the satisfaction of the product or service customers get by conducting or facing the operation.
Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in the supermarket successful operation. Without customer satisfaction business can’t run successfully. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, they may not continue to visit the same supermarket. On the other hand if they are satisfied then they will obviously continue to visit. Along with that with their word of mouth the supermarket can have more regular customers. So their profit generation will increase with a huge percentage.
b. Forecasting:
Forecasting means the future expectation ...view middle of the document...

Capacity planning is also a vital part of the supermarket’s successful operation. If they are unable to plan successfully that how much their capacity is to run the operation then supermarket might face a serious threat to their business operation.
d. Location:
Location means the operational place of the business.
Location is a valuable element of supermarket business. Because, if depending on targeted customer supermarket is not placed correctly, then they cannot be successful in the industry. To be successful they need to be conscious about their location. Location should be considered sincerely to the success of any supermarket.

e. Inventory management:
Inventory management is primarily about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods. Inventory management is required at different locations within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production against the random disturbance of running out of materials or goods.
In the supermarket if they are unable to manage inventory properly they could face sever loss in the operation. To run operation successfully a supermarket need to be sincere in inventory management.

f. Layout of the store:
Layout of the store is very important to attract customers. More importantly if the layout is easy to find the product then customer will not be bored to have their shopping in the supermarket. Also if the layout is needed to be attractive and customer oriented for what customer needs may arise by seeing their layout. It might help them to increase their sales and helpful to their operational activities.
g. Schedule :
Scheduling is the process of deciding how to commit resources between varieties of possible tasks.
It is very important for the supermarket because if they cannot schedule properly their work they might not provide their service properly. So customer will lose their faith on the supermarket and they could lose their regular customer even.

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