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Important Event That Occurred In The United States In The Past 50 Years

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Important Events That Occurred in the United States During the Past 50 Years
Lawsianita Charles
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Important Events That Occurred 2
There were so many different events that occurred in the past fifty years that help to shape the United States. These events have brought good and hard times to the United States Politically. Huge contributions were contributed to the American society every decade by the past leaders. These Contributions has help mode the United States into what it is today. There has been a great deal of wars fought by this country for its civil rights and people. ...view middle of the document...

Both nations were considered to be very powerful. The two battling nations were the Soviet Union and the United States. The Soviet Union predicted that the United States would make the first move and they were prepared for that attack. The United State was prepared for the Soviet
Important Events That Occurred 3

Union to attack thinking that the Soviet Union would be the first. The United states were aware of the great powers of the Soviet Union, so they prepared themselves for anything.
During the Cold War the United States came across a very negative impact towards the political views known as the McCarthyism. The McCarthyism damaged the trust the nation had for its leadership and put a big dent into the political world. The United States felt very strongly against the Soviet Union because of Communism. Senator Joe McCarthy created McCarthyism in order to bring Communism into the United States. It brought a lot of fear to the political leaders and the nation. The United States was use to the capitalist and democratic views that was already established. During the 1950’s, along with the Cold War, McCarthyism also became one of the Untied States memorable events.
The 1960’s- The Vietnam War
During the 1960s, became involved with the United States became involved with a war known as the Vietnam War. The United States sent nearly 5000 United States troops over to fight this war. The Pentagon funded $77.8 billion toward this war. So many Americans and Vietnamese were killed in this war, almost 58,000. (Vietnam War, 2000). This event will be remembered forever because there were so many lives lost and the negative view towards the leaders for not ending the war. Many college students started taking action. They decided to voice their opinions to the leaders. The students felt that the war did not serve a good purpose and the figure it was a war that the United States could not win. Then J Kennedy and L Johnson thought it would help to send 60,000 more troops to Vietnam. Unfortunately only half of the troops survived. (Mabry, 2003). Many of those who survived were still badly wounded.
Important Events That Occurred 4
Although many Americans died and were badly wounded, Vietnam had an outcome that was worse than the Americans. The impact of the bombing caused long term health issue with the people. This war would be a very memorable event for the United States..
The 1970’s- Watergate Scandal
In the 1970s a decade later, there was the Water Gate Scandal. During this time the United States had a president who did not know much and did nothing but abuse his power. President Nixon’s Watergate Scandal did nothing positive for the United States. Instead it destroyed the nation’s trust and confident in the administrators and politicians. The Watergate scandal was name from the Watergate hotel in Washington DC which was the location of the...

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