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Important Of Language Essay

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Part II – Critical Thinking and Language
Language and language diversity plays an important role in the critical thinking process of the human being. Language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts which is essential in critical thinking specially in persuasion. Leaders are distingush from followers by the use of proper language of persuasion and critical thinking process.
Language is an important learned tool use in human society. The human being from childhood, to adolescence, and to adulthood, develops the capacity of language from family values, traditions, customs, beliefs, and environment. Through learned language from childhood, to adolescence, and to adulthood that the human being expresses feelings, thoughts, wants, and needs. Language mirror the human society and is the medium for its values. Best ...view middle of the document...

Language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts that requires balance and sensibility based on reason and facts. Things that are said have more effect in critical thinking process than the real meaning of what was spoken. So, choosing the right word or words are very crucial part in expression of thoughts and critical thinking process. One word could have many different meaning that could lead to misunderstanding, wrong decision, and a very devastating effect such as war.
Better thinker develops the strenght and weakness of language. Through the development of language that a leader arises with followers . Leaders develop the power of persuasion by the use of critical thinking. The power of persuasion in influencing the mind by arguments or reasons, the will of determination or by anything that moves the minds or passions that critical thinking process plays an important role. Critical thinking challenges facts, the judging of quality of the argument and the credibility of its reason, and truthfullness of facts. The strategy in persuasion is the skillful assessment of the situation and use of the proper type of persuasion for a given occasion which requires the critical thinking process that in time and practice can be attained by the individual.
Ultimately, language and language diversity plays an important role in the critical thinking process of the human being. Language empower or limit the expression of our thoughts which is essential in critical thinking specially in persuasion. Leaders are distingush from followers by the use of proper skills of language of persuasion and critical thinking that in time and practice could lead to an effective tools in communications in the 21st century.

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