Improving A Process Essay

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Impoving a Process
Angela Niesen
Grantham University

Improving a Process
What is Missing
A major thing that is missing from Modern Office Supply’s process is proper training. Managers who came into the company fifteen years ago had training, but no one since then seems to have gotten the proper training to evaluate their employees. Also it seems follow through is missing. The first bullet, in the scenario, explains that sixty percent of employees were evaluated and are current, but the rest have not been kept up with. I believe that the proper training will help managers be more confident in evaluations, thus creating more follow through. Also it will help managers create more ...view middle of the document...

Another factor that can cause vulnerability is that there is too mush personal input in an evaluation. The book reads, “EEO laws require organizations to have bias-free HRM practices” (DeCenzo, Robbins & Verhulst, 2013, p.248). This means that if the evaluator puts in a discussion they had with another employee, good or bad, it could cause for problems. Also, if an evaluator puts in their opinion, it could cause the employee to file for discrimination against their rights.
Hourly Employees
First the organization does not seem to do initial evaluations. An article by Cornell University states that an effective performance management process, “Addresses the relationship of employees to the institution, from the time they are recruited, through their growth and development, to the time they depart” ("Performance management process," 2009). This would help reduce any distortions for future appraisals of employees, because the employee knows what they must do, from start to finish. This would allow the manager to express what is expected, and allows them to know that the employee has acknowledged, and understands what is expected. Another thing that needs to be changed is that vague, or no comments are being made. An article written about the Air force EPR reads,” It is important that performance reports “come alive” to the reader and contain meaningful information about the ratee’s technical and managerial skills. Critical facts, specific achievements, and performance-based potential must be easily identified by the reader” ("Writing effective performance," 2009).
Another major problem with the hourly employees is that the rating system is not focused enough. When a person received a 3, they may think they do not need to improve, because we are taught that average is good enough. Without comments, the employee will never improve, because they believe they are doing what they need to do. In the Air force they...

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