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Improving The Quality Of Life In Ghana

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The Question: How can America help improve the quality of life for all Ghanaians without over running the nation and creating the "white man's burden" attitude? The Problems that Impede Ghanaian Success: The Diet: The Ghanaian diet lacks nutrition, vitamin and minerals thus leading to unhealthy undersized peoples. The primary staple in the Ghanaian diet are starchy plants such as the cassava, yams, and maize. Cassava and yams are indigenous to Ghana, thus making a disproportionally large part of their meals. Maize was obviously imported as it was only domesticated in Central and South America. There are not many plants native to sub-equatorial African nations. Eventually a few ...view middle of the document...

Ghanaians, in general, have no initiative. They are constantly looking to Westerners to ask 'what will you do for me?' They lack the drive to improve their situation on their own because they are unsure how. For years they have seen the white man come in with his great technology and advanced equipment and luxuries. They believe power lies in the hands of those who have. The idea that those who have came from those who didn't have is not apparent. The police: The police, expressing the attitude of the people in general through their actions are a waste of government funds. They allow all sorts of wrong doing but take no action because of a laissez faire attitude that is so prevalent. It is maddening. Example: Bush fires are illegal but a huge problem in the Volta Region which seems to be poorer than most other regions in Ghana. The police will witness someone light an illegal bush fire but not arrest him. Thus, electric poles get burned downed, houses and domestic animals catch on fire and perish. When the electricity goes out problems for, example, a poor village clinic are compounded. The child welfare system: Story: a man in the Volta region sells his child to a man on the other side of the lake, an Eastern Region man. The man sells the child because he is of a good age, 8 maybe 9, and because he cannot feed this child and all of the others anymore. He must sell one. So, he sells his son for 30 GC. This child is sold to a fisherman who makes him dive down into the Volta Lake to set the nets. This child dies setting the nets, and there are many like him. So the government starts looking for these slave children. They pick them up and take them back to their parents, back to the people that can't afford them. The parents aren't punished because you can't take something from someone who has nothing. So, the cycle continues. Orphanages as well are a disaster. They are privately funded by charitable organizations which I would ordinarily be all for. But these organizations can't raise enough money to provide the right support for these children, many who have severe health complications. They live in misery and squalor. There is no foster care system to speak of either. The education system: There is a great disparity between the children of the city, such as Accra, and the children of the village, such as Ando. The children of Accra receive a decent education but the vast majority of the country is comprised of small rural villages. There is no standardization and rules are not enforced. Too often, children of the village are out scavenging for food instead of sitting in school learning because the immediacy of food is much easier to understand than the virtues behind long division. Many children make their way through the primary education, cannot go further because they don't know enough, and thus are stuck with the poorest of work if any. The health care system: The health care in general in Ghana is poor,...

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