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Improving Women Entrepreneur In Smes Essay

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Nowadays, there are a lot of women are involved in business activity. Most of them tend to involved in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Based on the previous studies from Multimedia University, Malacca, they mention that SME has been recognized as a major source of global economic growth and employment of women entrepreneurs have been acknowledged to play critical roles for bringing their ideas and capabilities towards successful achievement of the SME development in their countries. Malaysia government was realizing of the important of women entrepreneur to the ...view middle of the document...

Another barrier that made women entrepreneur hard to success is about less of network towards the growth of business. Most of women entrepreneur not concern about their outside network because they like to seek assistance first from family, then from close friends and only last from knowledgeable business sources. It is because most of women busy with their business and family until they forget that they have association that can help them to improve their business like USAHANITA association that provided as a platform to women entrepreneur to establish networks and exchange information and experiences Actually, network access is important in order to running a business. It purposes is to get the capital or loan, advice and information needed for initiating and operating a new venture easily. Besides that, by having a network, it can make easy to women entrepreneur make social relations and social contact as a channel to get information, customers, supplier, and sources of finance.
Besides that, based on journal, it also mentions that women entrepreneur need education, training and counseling in order to make their business growth successfully. It is because most of women entrepreneur lack the requisite level of education and training including in business and technical skill and entrepreneurship training. This problem is caused by lack opportunity to involve in any training provided by any association. It is because, according to a report by the International Labour Office, African Development Bank and Private Sector department (2003), even if women could afford to pay for the training, they have difficulty in travelling to central locations to participate in training programmes, and cannot far away from their enterprises and family responsibilities to attend weeklong programmes.
Besides that, women entrepreneur also have problem in usage of internet communication and technology (ICT) that make them hard to success. For example, women entrepreneur in rural area do not have internal IT infrastructure. So, it can make them hard to access to the market, networking opportunities, and greater promotional capabilities which will undoubtedly augment the competitive advantages for their businesses. So, any women which want become entrepreneur must know how the ways to use the ICT because by using it, it can give more business opportunity.
Based on barriers which mentioned above, I found that there are several factors that make the women entrepreneur is hard to success in their business such as financial, networks, education, training and counseling and usage of ICT.
Based on my opinion, financial problem can be solved to make sure the women entrepreneur success in their business. For example, they can apply loan from banker for business start up. Because of that, they must have good relationship with bank party in order to make sure the process of lend capital become easier Haynes and Helms (2000). Besides that, to reduce the...

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