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In 1884, Hans Christian Gram Described A Method Of Staining Bacterial Cells While Not Staining Surrounding Animal Tissues; However, He Thought The Staining Method He Developed Was Faulty Because Not All Bacteria Stained

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Describe the characteristics and signs of high-quality education in elementary school. Describe the U.S. No Child Left behind Act, and discuss the pros and cons of high- stakes testing.
High quality education in elementary schools depends on different things, first the class size, a class of
no larger than 18 is the perfect size so that each child can get the quality education that is needed. The
physical setting of the class is also important such as an activity center, for reading, writing, games,
working on computers and playing the child needs that perfect setting to learn. The curriculum is also
important; it plays a part in helping the children achieve their academic ...view middle of the document...

2002 several federal education programs are administered by this act; it is reauthorization of Elementary
and Secondary Education Act. The NLCB legislation set in place requirements for states that are required
for students in grade 3-8 to meet or exceed the states standards in reading and in math; this is also a
requirement in high school under the 2002 law. The law focus is to close achievement gaps by providing
all children with a fair, equal and an opportunity to obtain a high- quality education. There is emphasis on
four pillars in the bill which is accountability, flexibility, research- based education and parent options.
High stakes testing is in the schools since the passage of the No Left behind Act. Parents and educators
are wondering whether or not implementing testing standards have hurt or helped students. AS lot of
states have adopted standardized tests programs to measure students achievement, making more at stake
than just the child’s grades. These high stake tests are stopping a lot of children from receiving their high
school diploma and even stopping a fourth grader from passing to the next grade causing the child to
repeat fourth grade. These tests are designed to see where your child is academically and they are
progressing and can help teachers get a learning plan based on your child needs.

Source: Brede Kamp & Copley, 1997.
Melissa Kelly

In addition to the cerebral cortex, which other parts of the brain makes strides during early childhood? Identify the applicable brain structures, and discuss their impact on development. Explain in detail using examples from your readings.
A structure that aids in balance and located at the rear base of the brain is the cerebellum and the body
movement is also controlled by the cerebellum. Also connections between the cerebral cortex and
cerebellum support thinking. Motor and cognitive deficits show when children has damage to their
cerebellum it causes problems with memory, planning and language. Another formation in the brain stem
that maintains alertness and consciousness generates synapses and militates during childhood and into
their adolescence is the reticular formation . When neurons are in the reticular formation it sends s out
fibers to the frontal lobes of the cortex , which contribute to improvements in controlled attention. The
hippocampus also known as the inner- brain plays a role in a person’s memory and in images of space ,
which helps us find our way , the second half of the first year it will undergo rapid synapse and
myelination . The corpus callosum is a bundle of fibers that connects with two hemispheres .The corpus
callosum peaks between 3 and 6 years of age and will continue to move slowly through adolescence. It
also supports movements on both sides of the body which is smooth coordination of movements . The
corpus callosum deals with the aspects of thinking , which includes ...

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