In 2011 Readymade Was Discontinued. Break Down The Segmentation Variables Used For Baby Boomers Versus Gen Nester

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From the case study, categorize the Nano’s marketing segments that have the greatest influence on its sales. Assume you are the marketing manager at Tata responsible for consumer marketing. In your own words, outline a plan that Tata could implement in order to make the process to purchase the Nano more efficient for potential buyers.
Based in India, which has a population of about 1.1 billion – with a median age of just under 25 and a rapidly expanding middle class, is the home of the Nano car. This car company is owned by Tata Motors, the sixth-largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world and was among India’s largest automobile companies. The Nano has two major market segment ...view middle of the document...

Food, water, sleep, and sex – the basic physiological needs are probably fairly apparent – these include the things that are vital to our survival.
2. Friendship, love, and belonging – the need for security and safety is crucial. With the need for control and order in our lives, our need for safety and security contributes largely to our behaviors at this level. Also included within this need are: such things as love, acceptance, and belonging. Those at this level seek the need for emotional relationships that drives human behavior. Some of the things that satisfy this need include: Romantic attachments, Family, Social and community groups, and Churches and religious organizations.
3. Self-esteem, respect – the need for acknowledgment and respect. With the satisfaction of the bottom three levels of our needs, the need for self-esteem and respect initiates a more prominent role in motivating our behavior.
4. Self- actualization – One has arrived. This is when the need people have to...

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