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In A Paragraph Or Two, Explain How The Symbol Means The Same Thing In Both Stories And Contrast How The Poems Use That

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Budget for new recording artist

Recording Expenses:
Studio fee: $52, 500
Drum Amp, Mic and Phase : $3000
Recording tape: $8000
Equipment rental: $ 5000
Cartage and Transportation: $ 5000
Lodgings while in studio: $10000
Catering: $4000
Mastering: $10,000
Tape copies reference CDs. Shipping tapes, misc. expenses; $2000
Total: $98, 500

Additional Expensese for Recording:
Professional drum kit: $5000
Professional guitars: $5000
Professional guitar amp rigs (2) : $4000
Professional bass guitar: $1000 ...view middle of the document...

50 X 250,000
$1, 625,000 gross income

Artist Royalties due: $390,000 before recoupables: $33,000 after recoupablels
Manufacturing, packaging and distribution: $2.20 per record: $550,000

Gross profit: $1,042,000
Producer: $90,000
Manager: $45,000
Studio: $52,500
Agent: $7500
Lawyer: $12,000
Performing Artist, net income each: $8250.00 *How do the members of the group get paid?

The artists get paid by selling their musics through performances and websites. They often used distribution to sell their musics. Distributors are people who get the musics to retailers, collecting money from retailers, and paying the performance artists. Digital distribution is the best way to earn money through selling their albums. The performing artist income is based on the amount of albums they sell. If each albums cost $12.00, and the total record sales is 250,000, then the gross retail revenue is $ 3,000,000

The Artist Royalty is : $390,000 Artist Royalty

These will paid for all of the expenses, including the $98,000...

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