In Order To Become Financially Responsible Adults, Children Should Manage Their Money At The Young Age

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It is widely admitted that the money owned by children should be handed with by them so as to help them become financially responsible adults via enabling them to realize what money is, how to use money and why money should be planned to use. However, they fail to realize that children do not have the ability to manage money and managing money, children may develop a bad habit---abusing money. What is worse, Authorizing children money will also lead to disharmony in a family. I individually do not believe that children should manage their own money at the young age to become financially responsible adults. The follow writing will clarify some points of my view

The first reason I disagree is that children are ...view middle of the document...

It is Not only a waste to leave money in their hands but also a puzzle and stress for the children to hold it.0 Q6 o$ {, E7 R# S" P5

This reason alone, however, cannot explain why I disagree with the statement. Children at the young age will become abuse money if they are given the authority to manage money .With enough money to buy whatever they want, children will buy their favors without thinking as soon as they see it. Hardly can a little child object to the temptation to transformers, Bobbies and dolls. According to a recent research about children’s consuming tendency, over 90% children ask their parents or even beg them to buy the figure in the movie “lightning bolt” after watching the film. Just imagine, if children are given some money, they will buy the figure immediately. For a long time, a terrible habit—abusing money will be developed. Not only did not they know the hardship to earn money, children will be unsatisfied or even commit crime once they do not have money as well

/We cannot deny that authorizing children at young age to manage money, parents can take in charge of their children, giving them some proper advice and teaching them which is more worthy of buying .However, not all the children would like to follow what their parents put, insisting on buying what they want.Inevitablly, parents will be too angry to control their emotion, saying harsh words to children, which unfortunately lead disharmony to the family.

In conclusion, I object to the idea that children be in charge of their own money before they become mature enough to recognize what is the value of the merchandises, money and what they really need.

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