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In The Light Of This Statement, Whose Role Is It To Develop The Skills Needed By Future Professionals?

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Recently, the generic skills are become more and more important. People always want to become more valuable and secure. The future workplace has been changing quickly. However, students are always ill-prepared for the future workplace and they needed new kinds of skills to perform well. Therefore, it is the role of the universities, students and companies to develop the skills needed by future professionals. This easy will outline several points of this. First, it will introduce the definition of the generic skills, and then it will discuss the role of the universities, students and companies. Finally, the essay will talk about the skills needed by future professionals.Generic skills means ...view middle of the document...

According to Jones (2001) the universities world wide in their course and statements of generic skills refer to lifelong learning as a desirable outcome of higher education. “ In one sense it can be argued that universities have always been concerned with students’ generic attributes, albeit implicitly, in so far as they aspired to produce socially responsible citizens with inquiring well cultivated intellects.” (Jones 2001, P. 47). That means universities are paying attention to develop the generic skills. There are several important ways to developing the generic skills. First is the subject, integrated approach that enables students to develop generic skills within the relationship of their training. Then, generic skills development is taught in a unit separates from their training studies. In addition, work placements require students to spend a lot of time in the workplace. (Fraser, 2001). Many universities have begun to notice that articulate sets of generic skills as desirable characteristics of their graduates. In addition, the most common skills in the universities are the critical thinking, problem-solving, interpersonal understanding and communication skills. These skills are very important for the future professionals. (NCVER, 2003 P.68) Thus it can be seen that the universities must pay more attention to the generic skills As these skills required in all spheres of life and work, the development of generic skills in the universities should be sustaining.Secondly, it is the role of the students to develop the generic skills. If students study harder, they will get higher education and the higher degree. That also predicates that these students can get a well job in the future professionals. According to Fraser (2001), it is believed that in stating the attributes of its graduates, a university informs students, the community and employers of the skills and values they can expect from their graduating students. The important thing for students that is to make the decisions which university would suit for them. To achieve that goal, on one hand, a university should informs students, the community and employers of the skills and values they can expect from their graduates so that students can think of which university would suit them (Fraser, 2001). After the students improve the learning skills, they can learn anything more effectively and efficiently than before. Planning and organizing skills contribute to long-term and short-term strategic planning. Students need to develop faster planning and organizing skills, because when they are in school, it is very important and essential for them to arrange their schoolwork and time. Nowadays, many students ill-prepared for the future workplace. How to stop this has become more and more important. The first thing to do is students must do well in the schools, learn the generic skill as much as they can. Therefore, it is said that students should take the responsibility of...

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