In The Midst Of Time Essay

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“Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo” the phrase lingers through my mind as I head to the green room for my sixteenth century makeover. Tonight was the night every Year 10 student from Westside Boys and Girls had anticipated for. All the after school and weekend rehearsals were finally put to rest. I frantically run to the green room, knowing we only have three hours to get everything into place. The doors swing open, as Rosie the make-up artist runs up to me and grabs me tightly on the arm. “Where on earth have you been?” The main roles of Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, and Mercutio were told to come three hours earlier, while the smaller roles could have an hour off. Rosie’s question was ...view middle of the document...

I walk out as I bump into Becca, she squeals and gives me a huge hug, a hug which probably stopped my blood circulation from shoulders downwards. “Oh my god, the big night, I can’t believe it! Sorry I’m late! Anyway I need to ….” Becca has the tendency to talk ridiculously fast when she’s in a rush. “Umm, you haven’t seen Tony by any chance?” I say hesitantly as I chime “No, I just got here. Why? Did he pull a runner?” Becca says with a laugh. “I don’t know .. but he better be here. Off to go and look for him, see you soon!” I say, as I walk off, trying to think of all the possible places he could be. I wander around the corridors, having the sudden urge to kick open all the doors. I arrive at the end of the long passage way, door number 98 catches my attention. That was the room which Mr. Fraser locked us in, when we were first crowned the “Romeo and Juliet”, that first rehearsal, the meet and greet session was in that room!
I peer through the small glass patch on the door, the room was bleak and dim, and I couldn’t see much, only a drum kit and... Someone sitting on the floor. The person was wearing a dark hoodie which was camouflaged in the blackness. I twist the door knob as gently, the mysterious person in the black hoodie reveals itself.
From the dim light, I could tell the person under the hoodie was Tony, his wide muscular shoulders stuck out like rocks, this time under the hoodie was no ipod earphones blasting loudly in a billion decibels. His eyes glowed, and I could see droplets of untouched tears rolling down this face. “I’m sorry Cassie, I ca-can’t go out there” he says in a soft tone. “Whad you mean you can’t? You forgot your lines? Cause you know we still ..” my sentence gets interrupted, “No, it’s not like that. You would of thought after three months of practice I would remember..” Tony says in an annoyed tone. At least he’s got his attitude back .. He wipes off his tears with the long sleeves of his hoodie. “So why can’t you perform?” I ask hoping not to get rejected, like every other time I ask him something. “Be-because .. I JUST CAN’T!!!” he screams, tears begin to roll down again, I stand there waiting for another reply. “You know how .. I stumble a lot throughout the lines?” he says now starring out the window, “Yeah, I stumble through them too, it is Shakespeare!” He gives a deep sigh and says “No, it’s different. I think I’ve got stage fright. I never liked public speaking or anything th-this is thing just going to make me puke.” I stood there in astonishment, Tony was one of the popular ones in Westside Boys, and he had stage fright?! I didn’t know what to say, surely I was scared, but I wasn’t crying …
I was on the verge of walking out, I didn’t know what to do. Maybe he will come to his senses? “Cassie! You’re not going tell anyone are you? I don’t want anyone knowing” he says with his eyes still glowing, maybe he did suite the role of Romeo . “I won’t tell anyone, why did you nominate yourself then? I mean...

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