In This Text We Will Predict How Education Will Evolve, How It Might Turn Out In The Next 100 Years

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I predict that schools in the future would be very different from our current system. Our system, a hundred years from now, will be viewed as an inefficient way of learning. In the year 2100 science and technology will probably have advanced to the point where it changes our day-to-day lifestyle. We wouldn't need paper since it will be replaced with flat screens and PDA's, and we will have solved the fossil fuel crisis since someone will discover a new form of propulsion much cleaner and efficient than gasoline.Education will most ...view middle of the document...

School itself will be built differently, instead of a school that holds around 2000 students, school then will hold upwards of 15,000 students due to the population growth by 2100. Instead of having 30-40 students per class, each class will have a little under 100 students. Subjects that we think are radical ideas now will be taught as part of the curriculum, such as ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and telepathy just to name a few. School would also start around the age of 2 and end at the age of 16 since 14 years of education will be the equivalent of elementary to 10th year of university we have now. A hundred years from now we will probably have well build our foundation of space exploration and subject such as Astrophysics and Quantum physics will be compulsory through the 14 years of education. Thus in the year 2100 people will be many folds more intelligent than Einstein and whatever predicaments we will run into will be solved quickly and wisely.The future cannot be predicted therefore in a hundred years, who knows what will happen. We might not even make it that far in the future. What we have now might even be totally different in a short 50 years. But whatever that will happen in the future, only time will tell.

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