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In What Sense, If Any, Can Astrology Provide Insight Into The Human Condition?

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Within this essay I am going to find arguments for and against astrology to provide evidence into the sense that astrology does provide an insight into the human condition. Astrology is one of the new age ways to predict ones future. Well according to newspapers and magazines, it is the way to predict what each sign is going to experience during a certain month, day or year. Astrology is represented by a star sign; each individual has a certain star sign that they are born with. In other words, we are unable to choose our sign. Some people take the study of astrology into a fanatic sense whilst others just carry out there life's according to what each star sign holds for them, throughout a ...view middle of the document...

Let it be known that this is a complex question, so therefore by providing specific evidence also could be seen as arguable to others depending on individual beliefs. Therefore I have chosen to be selective, as no attempt will be made to be encyclopedic, rather I have selected some of the cardinal strengths within the subject matter. I am going to attempt to elaborate on what astrology is all about as it can be understood as a form of science or as a form of superstition.One similarity that exists between astrology and astronomy is the way in which they originated. Astronomy originated in the ancient world when people began to notice that heavenly bodies moved in a specific, consistent motion. The more people understood about the movement of the heavenly bodies, the easier it was for people to keep track of time. Astrology also had its birth in ancient times. People began to study the universe much more intensely as time progressed. In doing so people began to claim that the movement and position of the planets, predicted events on earth, and events in peoples life's. (E, Eysenck (1992). Therefore, although astronomy and astrology are very different now, they both began in ancient times. A long time ago, astrology was discovered around B.C and was associated with the stars. Each constellation holds a name that is later on represented to be a star sign for each month. Some examples of star signs are Leo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. Years ago, kings used to have astrologers to tell them what the future held for them, and how is it going to be for them during there daily lives.From a hermeneutics approach never before has the fate of mankind been so precariously balanced. Its destiny seems intimately bound up with the questions of whether and how it can cope with accelerating scientific advance and channel its potential away from human self-destruction towards socially useful ends. (J, Bleicher (1982). It's very important that we as human beings have faith or a belief that we can relate and connect to. It is important because this is the very thing that makes us human, an inner-self; the soul is the very key which holds our humanity. So, to believe in astrology and to really feel it gives you something important to you as an individual holds some valid truth about you personally making it real to that individual, so therefore making it real. The interpretation of meaningful action follows the hermeneutical circle in its reference to the matrix of traditional meaning which itself informs the motives of individual social actors. (J, Bleicher (1982). Supporting theory of knowledge - science consists of a body of beliefs some of which we know to be true and other of which we are rationally entitled to hold - e.g - we need air to survive, given what we know. The basic beliefs are those warranted by perception, which is our only source of direct aqaintance with the world. (M, Hollis (2000).Astrology can be argued as just mere superstitions according to...

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