In What Ways Can The Toyota Production System Be Seen As Rare And Difficult To Imitate?

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2.2. In what ways can the Toyota Production system be seen as rare and difficult to imitate?
Toyota Production system is a system that was developed initially to account for the specific issues facing one company. The revolutionary ideas and concepts pioneered at Toyota have been used in many other organizations and industries throughout the world. TPS has evolved to help companies maximize value. In this system all activities relating to the manufacturing process.
Toyota Production system is an integrated socio-technical system that comprises its management philosophy and practices. It is developed by Toyota. The Toyota Production system organizes manufacturing and logistics for the ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, innovation can make Toyota Production System to be rare. Innovation is the act of introducing something new or doing something in a different way. Innovation refers to taking those new ideas and actually implementing them in the marketplace. Therefore, creativity is simply one element of the innovation process through which new ideas lead to new products. Innovation activities is generally undertaken to increase profit, level of service or business competitiveness. It is significantly improved goods, services, quality of production. Only in this way, the Toyota Production System can been as rare.
Secondly, the Toyota production System is underpinned by just-in-time delivery, which aims to make production highly efficient by facilitating minimal supply of automotive parts between component makers and the automotive manufacturing plant. The element of Toyota production system is about product quality, employee flexibility and the elimination of waste. They are implemented through Toyota production system, which is buttressed by principles such as teamwork, continuous improvements, quality circles and employee development. These elements can influence Toyota production system. Meanwhile, it will bring benefit to it and can be make it as been rare.
Thirdly, there are two primary pillars of the system. Using the two system can help the Toyota system to been rare. The first system is just-in-time. Just- in-time aims to produce and deliver the right parts, and at the right time using the minimum resources. The system reduces inventory, and strives to prevent both early and over production. It can...

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