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Inception Essay

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Kevin s
ARTH 334
Bryan Brown

In the movie inception we take a leap of faith with Leonardo DiCaprio in what turns into a grand rollercoaster of a movie. The movie is based on extracting ideas or secrets from a person’s mind through dreams. Randall Cobb played by Leonardo is the best in the business at entering a person mind and extracting these personal secrets and ideas. Inception is not a movie that you can simply get up from and come back ten minutes later to continue watching as you may easily be lost. Cobb is forced to leave the country and his children due to a murder charge. Cobb needs to do one last job in which is employer will erase all the charges against him. The scene is set for Cobb and his team to dismantle a multinational company, but troubles can play a ...view middle of the document...

My analysis of this film is that Cobb is not doing a job at all and he is actually the one having inception being done to. It is a trickier concept to follow, but there are many hints that have lead me to this conclusion. I will only name one and that is the comment from his father asking him to come back to reality. The surrounding cast could just be friends trying to help retrieve him from this dream or prison of the mind.
The critic picks up on a few things in particular and the one thing he finds the most interesting is the way director Christopher Nolan always uses raw emotion of the character to bring you into their fantasy world. McDonagh notes that “Nolan is much more than a crass recycler of other people’s cool ideas, and his greatest strength is the ability to tether pop-culture spectacle to authentic emotions”(McDonagh, n.d.).
I have evaluated this film over and over again as it is one of my all-time favorite movies. If I take a true evaluation of this film I think it is nothing short of brilliant and jaw dropping. I can watch it time and time again and rethink a scene or over analyze something as simple as a drink of water. This film will keep you coming back for more as the twist and turns pile up every time you watch it. This is a high quality film with wonderful acting and will leave the viewer satisfied.
The most interesting thing about the criticism of this movie is the inability to pin point an exact ending. I believe this is over emphasized and is the whole point of the movie. The one thing myself and the critic believe is that the director is a genius with this movie and the acting is phenomenal.

McDonagh, M. (n.d). Film Review: Inception. Film Journal International. Retrieved October 12, 2013, from

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