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Income Tax Deductions Essay

1758 words - 8 pages

The American Revolution

American History 2010

March 5,2013

Mr. Miller

Veronica Martinez

In regards to the numerous successful Revolutions that have occurred, they all

share in common a broad general pattern, causes and characteristics. The

American Revolution to a certain extent aligned with this broad pattern and had

some identical causes and characteristics. In regards to the preliminary and

advanced symptoms of revolutions, the American Revolution exhibited

characteristics of discontent and the creation of mobs that was in response to

taxes imposed upon them by the British government. The steps that followed

although displaying ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, the Colonialist became

increasingly violent, ‘Almost immediately after the Acts outbreak of mob activity.

By 1970, the preliminary symptom of unrest displayed through protest and

discontent was evident. The Colonialist did not feel that they were obligated to be

subject to these taxes without representation in British Parliament. Additionally,

the psychological pre-condition associated with the cause of war was present in

the Colonialist discontent regarding the numerous Acts bearing economic

consequences. Not only had the events up till 1770 displayed active protests and

early mob activity, it also hinted at the potential oncoming violence the growing

mob could inflict which was the next step in the general broad pattern of

revolutions. Following on from active demonstrations and protests, the American

Revolution followed the general pathology through to the advanced symptoms of

unrest which was characterized by the creation of a violent mob during the

Boston Massacre in 1770. Taking place on the March 5th 1770, the massacre

found its backdrop against a dispute between a colonialist and British soldier.

After a misunderstanding between Edward Gerrish and Captain Lieutenant John

Goldfinch, Private White mishandled the dispute by striking Gerrish on the head.

Resulting from this a growing crowd of American colonialist gathered taunting

White. Being relieved, Captain Preston went down to relieve the crowd. Amongst

the crowd, one of Preston’s men was struck down. Immediately after this,

Preston’s men fired on the crowd killing five and injuring a further six men. The

response to the ‘massacre’ was self-evident, with numerous artists drawing upon

this incident for numerous pieces of anti-British propaganda. The massacre was

the final straw for both radical politicians and simple American colonialists in

Boston. The word ‘massacre’ used by the Americans was not describing those

killed; it was instead referring to the current mood held by many of the

colonialists. The colonialists had been ‘massacred’ in a sense that they were no

longer going to tolerate British government’s power. Upon the previous acts that

implied economic sanctions, the blood of American lives was indeed the last

straw. The display of violence acted as both a political pre-condition and

characteristic that identified a successful revolution. As a political pre-condition,

the murder of five Americans displayed the conflict between the Colonialists and

their Imperial masters. Under characteristics, the violence witnessed in Boston

fulfilled one of the four characteristics of revolution. With the Colonialist all but

effectively severing ties with Britain, the next step of the pathology was met,

overthrowing the incumbent government in the form of the drafting and signing of

the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Written by...

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