Increasing Productivity In The Workplace Through Tim Management

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A substantial amount of the average worker's day is spent being non-productive. According to Mark Ellwood of Pace Productivity (as cited in Abernathy, 1999, p. 24), "There are a lot of absurdities that consume our time." A barrage of phone calls, having no daily plan, or simply taking on more tasks than you can handle can all be a serious detriment to your productivity. These distractions can be avoided and your productivity can be increased by developing good time management skills.
In order to manage your time you must control the tools at your disposal instead of letting them control you. Roy (2009, p. 87) writes of the telephone, "In a work setting, it is a rare person who can ignore it. Yet tame it you must, for telephone interruptions can fracture your productivity like nothing else." Many people, myself included, feel the need to respond every call immediately whether the call is important or not. Deciding which ...view middle of the document...

A great deal of time for many workers is spent doing tasks that aren't necessarily their responsibility. Rickard (2009, p. 3), writes that, "An important challenge for many salespeople is their inability to just say no. There are countless individuals in our lives who attempt to get us to do things for them that they could easily and realistically do themselves." I am not recommending that you refuse to do a task that a supervisor asks you to do by any means. However, reminding your supervisor or a coworker that you do have other responsibilities is always an option. It isn't necessarily a bad thing to take on other tasks but it does become an issue when those tasks keep you from your primary responsibilities and cut into your productivity. For example, I have a friend that volunteered for every project that he came across at his work. His supervisors were very happy with his performance on these projects, but when my friend couldn't keep up with the job that he was hired to do (because of the extra projects) and lost the company money his supervisor had no choice but to let my friend go.
Managing your time is not something that you will be able to master overnight. Limoncelli (2005, p. 9), describes time management as, "...the most difficult journey on which you've ever embarked." It will take time and great deal of effort to come up with a system that works for you. Remembering that you were hired to do a job, organizing a daily routine, and staying on task are some ways that will help you to manage your time. Once you have your time management system worked out the benefits will make all the hard work pay off.

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