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Independent Films Essay

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Filipinos started making movies in the year of 1919. The first Filipino to make a movie goes to Jose Nepomuceno, also known as the ”Father of Philippine Movies”, Since then the Philippine movies became hit. Lately after Foreign films rise in the Philippine cinema. In the Year 2000’s, it shows the dramatic decline of the Philippine movie industry. The Hollywood films control the mainstream cinemas even more and the movies produced in Philippines gradually decreases that is why many producers and production companies stop producing movies after losing a million of pesos.

Thereafter, the Independent Films began to emerge in the Philippine cinema. Indie Films or Independent films as we all ...view middle of the document...

” In this matter, many Independent films are being produced in 2012, making people watch out of curiosity. In this research, the proponents focus on how an Independent film shows competitiveness on mainstream films. Furthermore, this research will examine the perceptions of some selected students on Independent films and what are the characteristics of an indie film that makes it competitive. Moreover, the authors will show the characteristics of an independent film that is similar to mainstream films.

In this research, the researchers focus on how an Independent film shows competitiveness on mainstream films. Furthermore, this research will examine the perceptions of some selected students on Independent films and what genre do people watch the most on independent films. Moreover, the authors will show the characteristics of an independent film that is similar to mainstream films.

The purpose of this research is to further increase the information about Independent and Mainstream Films. More knowledge on this topic could prove why Independent and Mainstream Films compete. And lastly, to identify the perceptions of the students regarding on the competitiveness of Independent films to mainstream films.

Additionally, by delving into this topic more information would be made available and will allow the future researchers to find more on how Independent Films compete on mainstream films, also to the student researchers who are interested on this field to gain more information about Independent Films and Mainstream Films.

According to Carballo (2010), “Throughout the 1980’s, the country was still ranked among the top ten film producing countries in the world, but in 1987, total film production was as low as 139 brought about by instability, civil strife, heavy taxation and a system of not placing quotas on foreign films.” In the past few years the movies produce in Philippines is getting fewer and fewer because of some instances that affect the gradual death of the industry of the Filipino movies.

Based on an online article (Independent Films, par. 3), “Because of this instance, some Filipinos create an idea to save the industry of the Philippines. Due to their creativeness and ability they made an Independent Films” Because of the creativeness and efficiently of the Filipinos and the emergence of some inexpensive camcorders, the Filipinos made a way to save the industry of the Philippine movies namely the Independent Films- The film produced by creative individuals with experience or none in making a movies with low shooting budget.

According to Bordwell (2008), “Not all films that use the studio mode of production are large-budget projects finished by major companies. Many so called “independent films” are made in similar ways, though on a smaller scale” In making a independent movies some of the independent directors only use a small studio or they can even use their houses to make a movies.

Cinemalaya is one of the factors that...

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