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India And Pakistan: Dissent Vs. Disagreement

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Tensions between India and Pakistan, which have been increasing in recent years, are reaching an all-time high as nuclear technologies in both countries threaten safety and provide potential for direct nuclear war. For now, India and Pakistan are in a disagreement – but as time progresses, and their discord transforms into dissension, citizens are put at risk as both nations currently have the technology to utilize weapons of mass destruction. For now, the people are safe. But once this conflict reaches new heights and diminutive disagreements turn into dangerous dissent, devastation is inevitable. Dissension similar to the situation in India and Pakistan is extremely harmful and leads to ...view middle of the document...

The violent dissent over the issue of Mubarak’s reign has led to bloodshed, economic crisis, and quarrel between supporters and opponents. The dissent in Egypt is a symptom of the reign of a single leader for more than three decades. The dissent in Egypt is an expression of the people’s right to voice their opinion. The dissent in Egypt is a consequence of an oppressing government. The dissent in Egypt is the cause of devastation, crisis, and quarrel that could have been prevented by disagreement.
The primary argument in favor of disagreement over dissent begins with the idea that disagreement leads to civilized debate. Because this debate is not violent, the disagreement is actually beneficial to society and is essential to its improvement. Earlier this month, Andrew Mikel II, a student at Spotsylvania High School in Virginia, was expelled for possession and use of a weapon and may face assault charges after hitting three students with plastic pellets shot through a pen tube. The principal stated that the school had an obligation to protect the students and were left with no choice but to expel Mikel. However, other members of the community see the decision as a display of an excessive zero-tolerance policy that limits the students’ freedom and criminalizes adolescent behavior. Residents disagree with the school’s decision, and it has caused debate in the community. This debate, however, is not violent. It is not dangerous or threatening toward members of the community – in fact, the disagreement is beneficial. Parents of students concerned about the decision have spoken up and expressed their discontent over the matter. Such debate causes parties in question to rethink their decision; in this case, the Virginia school district had the opportunity to reconsider their policy. It’s a simple cause and effect situation: if schools see that expulsion charges and strict zero-policies are causing displeasure in parents and residents of the district, then they are more apt to change it. Without debate or disagreement being stirred in the community, a society cannot thrive. If everyone is in...

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