India Switchgear Market Outlook To 2018 Sustained Demand For Low Voltage Switchgears In Residential And Commercial Sector

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India Switchgear Market Outlook to 2018 - Sustained Demand for Low Voltage Switchgears in Residential and Commercial Sector The report titled ‘India Switchgear Market Outlook to 2018 - Sustained Demand for Low Voltage Switchgears in Residential and Commercial Sector’ presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry aspects including market size by value of switchgears. The report also entails the market share analysis and company profiles of major players operating the switchgear market in India. The future analysis, trends and developments, government regulations and segmentation by product types, end usage and industry structure have also been discussed in the industry ...view middle of the document...

The country’s developing infrastructure across various sectors including residential, commercial and transport has been the prime factor that has resulted growth in the demand for switchgears in India. Growth in sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, steel, cement, and telecom has provided a significant impetus to the growth of this market particularly the industry’s HV segment. The present scenario of transmission capacities in India has become almost saturated and the distribution infrastructure is becoming obsolete, leading to significant technical and commercial losses. Thus, indicating an immediate need for improvement in the country’s T&D system, to meet the growing demand for uninterrupted energy. As most of the HV and MV switchgears installed in substations are old and becoming outdated, there tends to be a huge requirement for the replacement of old switchgears with modern and advanced switchgears. Replacement of switchgears is another important factor which is expected to propel growth in the country’s HV and MV switchgear market in the coming years. The overall switchgear market in India including LV, MV and HV circuit breakers is expected to reach USD ~ million in terms of revenue, growing at a CAGR of 13.7% from FY’2013-FY’2017. Key Topics Covered in the Report: The market size of India switchgear market in terms of value India switchgear market segmentation by voltage (low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage) India low, medium and high voltage switchgear market segmentation by product types India low, medium and high voltage switchgear market segmentation by end usage India low, medium and high voltage switchgear market segmentation by industry structure (organized and unorganized) Market size of India low voltage switchgear market Market size of India medium voltage switchgear market Market size of India high voltage switchgear market Trends and Developments and Government regulations in the switchgear market in India Market share of major players in India switchgear market Company profiles of the major players operating in the switchgear market in India Future projections and macro economic factors of India switchgear market table Of Content

1.india Switchgear Market Introduction

2.india Switchgear Market Size, Fy’2008-fy’2013

3.india Switchgear Market Segmentation By Voltage, Fy’2008-fy’2013

4.india Low Voltage Switchgear Market 4.1.india Low Voltage Switchgear Market Introduction And Size, Fy’2008-fy’2013 4.2.india Low Voltage Switchgear Market Segmentation Product Types, Fy’2011-fy’2013 End Usage, Fy’2013 Industry Structure, Fy’2010 – Fy’2013

5.india Medium And High Voltage Switchgear Market 5.1.india Medium Voltage Switchgear Market Introduction And Size,...

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