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India Vs China Essay

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India and China fight for Super power tag
The two countries meet face to face only at The Himalayas, all other things for comparison will make stand these two countries individually, at their own socio-economic-political-cultural areas. To know who is super power, India or China or two know each areas of strength and weakness, let’s get into the points of concern for both to become super power.
China can be called The Big tree of a forest, where plenty of things happen by nourishing other small plants and giving space for generation of more fruitful plants; that is its population. The one child per family policy is about to savor negative implications by large ...view middle of the document...

For adult girls it remains at 99% striking a mastered balance in creating requisite opportunities for equal education and employment. Though primary education is much accentuated; secondary education didn’t got much attention especially in rural areas which poses a threat to future skill pool of the country. The major con for China in this area is its inability to produce large number of English speakers per capita.
India has an adult literacy rate of 74% and after taking efforts to increase the level of education for women between the age of 15 to 24, it has registered 80% literacy. Several NGO’s, corporate companies and women concerned societies are taking many initiatives for improving the literacy rate. Though urban areas strike a balance in the ratio of education for male to female; rural counterparts couldn’t fare well because of its infrastructural and social problems. One point that India has advantage over china is in the production more number of English speakers per capita with growing literacy rate.
China caters for its domestic market with mass production concept in producing the items such as toys, electronic devices, mobiles, T-shirts. Obviously, fast consuming goods are given priority for production which wants a mere copying or imitation in work design rather than innovation. Apart from this China faces challenge to cater for heavy industry for which expertise and skills are needed and ability to serve global clients is the one area at which they dawdle. Recent initiative to kick start in automotive sector has left better chops for china without tasting much success.
India focuses on Industrial area to gear up its economy. The high technology steel produced through high spirit in India, has no comparable competitors across the world. Apart from intensified industrial production, IT sector is reigned by vibrant skilled youth with wide range of attributes to contribute. Asunder from the above mentioned areas, it is experiencing advancement in the areas of engineering and services market and is having a consolidated automobile market in terms of production, engineering services, spares and marketing capability.
China has an un parallel history in reducing the poverty through equal distribution of resources, but due the long line it couldn’t be properly rationed which again struggling in the poverty pond that has been posing many non-social evils giving birth to rebellions and undesired effects like prostitution, drug mafia thus leading to HIV AIDS. Of course, there exists a difference between feeding a crow and a lion; but China government was never hopeless to feed the ever growing elephant called “Poverty” in their country.
India’s deeply disturbing social issue which has been deep rooted and chronic in its nature is persistent in its annual record showing no growth or probably negligible. Illiteracy, inaccessibility to safe drinking water, medical facilities and under nourishment is the roots of this ever...

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