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Indian Culture Essay

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India is known to be the chaotic canvas of art and spirituality and this nature of this diversified country delights each and every one with its gaiety. The buzzing nation’s mind-blowing mix of exotic landscapes and intricately woven heritage bristles with compelling art exhibitions, pompous festivals and novel forms of highly creative expression. Behaviour of people, the way they communicate, their dressing styles, food habits form an integral part of the country’s culture, but when it comes to describing the culture of India, it can be said that the country is a cocktail of cultures and that is exactly the beauty of India.
India has the proud parent of some of the greatest of religions namely Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, and the country also embraces Islam and Christianity. People belonging to all these religions live together with harmony and this diversity promises 365 days of joys, ...view middle of the document...

The International Kite Festival of Gujarat is a popular cultural event in India that brings out the inner child of people belonging to all age groups. It happens in the month of January each year. The sky looks every bit colourful with different shapes of kites with bright colours swaying their way in a charming rhythm. The kite festival coincides with Makar Sankranti and Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, which is the host city turns into a 3D canvas with thousands of kits clouding the high skies. This festival is organized by the Gujarat Tourism Development Corporation and each year this festival witnesses kite enthusiasts from all over the world thronging to the venue to flaunt their skills. Food, a kite market, cultural performances, music and special kite displays are all a part of this event.
It is believed that kites first arrived in India through Muslim traders from Persia and since Gujarat lies on the westernmost edge of the country, people of the state have been following a blend of customs of both the religions for thousands of years. The two cultures blended to a great degree in different aspects and the Kite Festival is a unique example of such unity in diversity.
The fascination and the celebrations attached to flying kites cuts across different age groups, communities and class. Even though Uttarayan is a Hindu festival that marks the awakening of gods from a deep slumber of the just commenced winter, people from different religions across the country enjoy it with high sprit and every inch of India becomes colorful with harmony. This festival is enjoyed by rich and poor alike, irrespective of their religion. This festival sees participation of people from different countries like USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, and Europe.


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