Individual Assignment Criminal Law Paper

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Individual: Criminal Law Paper

Individual: Criminal Law Paper
The case I chose to write about this week has to do with strip searches that happen in jails. The case is Albert W. Florence v. The Board of Chosen Freeholders. The plaintiff was arguing that his constitutional rights were violated when he was forced to strip down and expose himself on two separate occasions in the county jails. He felt that these searches violated his Fourth and Fourteenth amendment rights. The case has to do with the constitutionality of this process in the jail system. More specifically Albert Florence was arguing that because he was only brought into the system for a traffic warrant he felt that ...view middle of the document...

One of the ways that we do this is to strip them down at some point and search the crevices of their body to visually ensure that they are not hiding anything on their person. Many people know that there is a lot of money to be made if one is able to take certain drugs or other type of contraband into a prison or jail. I cannot imagine not being able to visually inspect an inmate’s body to ensure that they are not hiding any type of weapon that may be used against me or any of my partners. It is part of our regular routine in the county jail to strip down inmates no matter what the charge is that they are brought in for.
I was able to find information about the case on the Supreme Court website as well as some other blogs that give information on recent rulings. This is the case that stood out to me the most because it has to do with something that I take part in every day that I am at work. I believe that this decision is beneficial for law enforcement officers throughout the country because this is always something that I am asked at work. Inmates that are booked for petty crimes always feel that they are entitled to special treatment because they are only there for “minor crimes”.
For this case there really is no criminal intent and accomplice liability because it has to do with actions taken by law enforcement officers after a person has already been brought into custody. The officers are not there to maliciously take advantage of a person by stripping them down but rather they realize that their safety is paramount and the best way to ensure that a person is not bringing in contraband is to strip them of their clothes. I do agree that there cannot be a mixing of the genders and each...

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