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Individual Differences How to Improve Team Performance
When a new team is formed one always has to asses the project and assigned job ditties to everyone, not everyone can perform at all the job duties the best. There will always be certain individual which can perform some duties better than others, one person might be good at PowerPoint, while another might no have any knowledge at all. This does not work at all times, sometimes in one team there might be no one that knows how to do PowerPoint, and everyone might be good presenters. At that point the individuals need to make there weaknesses into strengths. They need to work on there weaknesses and practice so that each team member will become a well rounded individual. One team member might step up and try to tackle the obstacle in question, but what ...view middle of the document...

Relationships might be damaged, and even ruined. Ones work can also suffer if one is not committed to ones work. One might procrastinate and say “I’ll do it later” but that later might never come. In an article by Ros Olivera he goes on to say that “The core skills of time management need to be understood to develop an efficient personal time management plan These skills can be fine tuned further to include the finer points of each skill, giving you that extra reserve to attain the results you desire.” This is how one will be successful in both personal and business life.
Another obstacle when working with a group or a team can be personality type, many different personalities type that one encounters everyday. The lady sampling cheese at the grocery store might be the sweetest lady and you might feel compelled to buy cheese from her, where the checker at the same store might be the rudest person you ever met and you might never want to return to that store. Personality types can sometimes make it difficult to obtain the goal you are working on. Some individual are very laid back and like to be told what to do and how to do it, while others might like to delegate and tell every one what it to be done.
All in all one needs to take all this into considerations, and try to fine a halfway point, an in between for ever project, one should not always go for their strengths but try to make ones weaknesses, strengths as well. Try to and make time for everyone and everything in ones life but do it very carefully not to sacrifice one thing for another. Know that one is always going to encounter people with personality types that they would rather not work with, but one has to make there peace and work as a team.

Oliveras, Ros (2006) How to use time management to create a better life

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