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Individual Performance Review

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ndIvIdual Performance revIew (IPr)
Guidelines for Supervisors and employees
September 2011

Human Resources

IndIvIdual Performance revIew (IPr)


Table of conTenTS

Individual Performance Review (IPR) Guidelines Definition of Terms CHaPTeR 1: Goals How it works CHaPTeR 2: RevIew How it works n Preparing for the meeting n In the meeting n after the meeting CHaPTeR 3: aPPRaIsal (YeaR-enD aPPRaIsal) How it works n Preparing for the meeting n In the meeting n after the meeting CHaPTeR 4: PeRfoRmanCe RankInG How it works n Preparing for the ranking panel n ranking panel session CHaPTeR 5: ouTComes How it works n Preparing for the discussion n discussion n Performance ...view middle of the document...

It facilitates discussions between supervisors and employees that will result in: Setting goals (Goals). conducting a mid-year review of performance to-date (review). n Providing feedback throughout the year and in the year-end appraisal discussion (appraisal). n reinforcing performance with appropriate reward outcomes (outcomes).
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These milestones must be supported by supervisor and employee discussions throughout the year. Supervisors and employees both play a role in making this work:
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employees need to understand how they can individually contribute to improve results in their part of the business. Supervisors need to ensure that the process is implemented effectively and that it helps motivate employees to achieve business success.

These guidelines outline our common process for appraising performance across Shell, and support employees and supervisors in navigating the IPr process. In addition to these guidelines, Shell has a number of tools to ensure performance reviews are implemented effectively and efficiently, which can be found in Hr online.

Goals Goal setting

RevIew mid-year progress review

aPPRaIsal Year-end appraisal

ouTComes rewarding performance




following January/february

IndIvIdual Performance revIew (IPr)


defInITIon of TermS

Business goals

Targets that reflect business priorities which you are expected to deliver over the next 12 months. Goals and Performance appraisal. This is the document you use to record your goals, progress and feedback over the course of the year. The GPa should be completed in Hr online. In non-Hr online locations, employees should use the standard GPa template in a word document. Goals that reflect key development actions you should focus on. The Individual development Plan should focus on your developmental goals for this assignment and capture development needed for next role. The development goals should connect to opportunities for development on the job. The Individual Performance factor. The factor given to each individual every year as an outcome of the GPa and subsequent performance ranking process. The IPf has a range of 0 to 1.5 and is determined against the performance ranking criteria as compared with the relevant ranking population. It is a measure of relative performance and not an absolute judgement. Individual Performance review. This is the process for managing employees’ performance and development, and recognising and rewarding the contribution that each of us makes to Shell’s business success. Performance Share Plan. employees can be nominated to be awarded performance shares. These are discretionary and nominations only become final after confirmation by the rdS board. General criteria which are the same for all ranking groups to ensure employees are compared within a common framework. employees who have been grouped together for the purpose of comparing...

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