Individual Responsibility Essay

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Individual Responsibility
Rebecca Quick
March 2, 2014
Darline Claus

Individual Responsibility Essay
No one else is responsible for the students’ actions but the student themselves! All student's have their own beliefs, morals, and ideas to reach their goals of academic success. However, to succeed personally, academically, and financially they must make every effort to work hard to obtain their life’s goal.
Individual responsibility is the ability to make a decision and be able to accept the consequences for that decision whether it was right or wrong. Colby and Sullivan (2009), state that there are five dimensions of responsibility which include doing your best, having ...view middle of the document...

They would also have to take financial responsibility for their education by knowing how to obtain financial aid through scholarships, student loans, and grants as well as understanding his or her academic responsibility. A student’s academic responsibility consists of learning what the instructor expects of them. Students’ need to learn how to manage their time appropriately in order to complete their required assignments on time, which will help them in all future endeavors, as well. They also need to know how to do relevant and reliable research in order to complete their writing assignments in the appropriate format and with the correct citations for that research.
However, out of all the tasks that must be accomplished to be successful the most important for students’ is to avoid plagiarism at all costs, whether it is intentional or unintentional. According to Ferree and Pfeifer (2011), there are several degrees of plagiarism (p. 287). A severe case of plagiarism occurs when students’ copy and paste substantial portions of information from the Internet and passes it off as their own. Another type is when students’ write their paper but inserts a few sentences...

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