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Individual Work Related Values, Attitudes And Job Satisfaction Theories As Applied To A Case Study

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This essay will explain, through application of organisational behaviour theory to an individual's case study, some of the individual work related terminal and instrumental values, as set out in the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS), of Andre Hamilton, a young black man, who completed a degree in management after spending eight years in the US Air Force. He subsequently applied for and was placed in two jobs, first at GMAC, which he left after working for a few days, to pursue greater opportunity of management and a secure salary, and secondly with The Office Supply Store (TOSS). A link will be established between Andre's work related values and his work related attitudes and their influence on his ...view middle of the document...

According to the Rokeach Value Survey (RVS) (Robbins et al. 2004, p. 69), there are two sets of values, with each containing 18 value items. Terminal values are those that refer to the desired life goals of an individual and instrumental values are those that refer to the individuals preferred means of achieving the terminal values. Through an examination of Andre's terminal and instrumental values and his perception of the values of GMAC and TOSS and the resulting person-organisation fit, it can be understood that the influences of his life and work values strongly affected Andre's job choice decisions, albeit negatively. Andre's high level of confidence in his future appears to have come from his value for a sense of accomplishment (terminal value), demonstrated by his description of what he gained during his employment in the US Air Force. Andre's reasons for undertaking further education were also demonstrated. They indicated that he had a desire to be wise, with a mature understanding of life (terminal value), shown by his belief that graduating from college would make him more competent and understanding of the adversity and struggles of people, and at the same time indicating one of his instrumental values of being competent and capable. Andre's value for happiness, true friendship, equality and brotherhood (terminal values) was evident from his description of his happiness when talking with his friends about their education and future careers. His belief that he would be in great demand following further education showed that the instrumental value of ambition was a high priority as a means to achieve his terminal values, as can also be indicated by his general attitude toward achieving his goals. His independence as a means to achieve his terminal values is demonstrated by his independent decision making capacity. Andre's value for intelligence and reflection (instrumental value) regarding the gains he would make by undertaking further education and the meaning he found in the song by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, are evident. Social recognition (terminal value) was obviously important to Andre, as he promptly informed everyone he knew when first he was employed with GMAC, and his sense of accomplishment (terminal value) was achieved at the same time. The enjoyment Andre derived from the team style of leadership at GMAC indicated his terminal value of equality, brotherhood and equal opportunity for all and his ambition to become a store manager at TOSS evidenced his ambition and his desire for independence and freedom (terminal values). The terminal values of honesty and perhaps courage seemed to be important to Andre, as he was open and honest when informing Mrs Apple his about his intentions and hopes for advancement in the job he was offered at TOSS. His value for self-respect (terminal value) would seem of great importance to Andre, as he was so emotionally affected by Mrs Richards' conduct that he judged to be unprofessional and lacking in...

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