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Indra Nooyi Essay

683 words - 3 pages

1. What were the factors that shaped Indra nooyi as a leader?

- Nooyi did not let her conservative culture keep her from leaving home

- Nooyi took factors from her childhood of being tested while competing for a piece of

chocolate as a positive reinforcement to think critically and to be aware of the world she

lives in.

- The encouragement of her grandfather to keep up with her studies to ensure she would

advance in life.

- She worked to put herself through school as she worked to get an interview straight out of


- Her professor advised her to wear a sari to her to her next interview so that they could see

her culture and accept her as she is and if they ...view middle of the document...

- Increased requirements of emotional intelligence for leaders , create a bond between

company and employee through the values the company

3. Do you think nooyi has a life outside of PepsiCo?

- It seems like when you read about nooyi accomplishments she may have a difficult time

sustaining a personal life but she seems fairly organized enough to find a way to have a

personal life

- She has husband and two children

- From an Americanized culture stand point , women who are very successful tend to be

portrayed as single , bitter women but as a women from another culture nooyi ‘s success

may have attracted her husband or even as naturalized Americans they choose to be


4. Which leadership style is being used by nooyi PepsiCo? Highlight the mix of various

leadership styles found in nooyi such as that of servant leadership, ethical leadership,

socialized charismatic leadership, and authentic leadership.

- Servant leadership: nooyi has the 5 C’s as her leadership philosophy

o Competency-...

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