Industrial Tech Timer Industry Study

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Industrial Technology – Timber
Industry Study
Leisure coast kitchens

1- Main services offered by the company
2- Analysis of production services
- Aim of production
- Techniques
- Effects of different techniques
3- Company organisation structure
4- 3 personnel position
5- 2 emerging technologies in the industry
6- Quality Control
7- Implementation of Workplace Health and Safety
8- Bibliography

Main services provided by Company

Leisure Coast Kitchens offer a choice of many different unit widths, which gives you the flexibility to make the most of the space available in your kitchen. With this versatility, furniture can be incorporated to ...view middle of the document...

This ensures that the result matches their client’s vision. Offering a full range of design and installation services and a goal nothing short of 100% satisfaction, their industry leading design and construction professionals work hard to fulfil your needs while minimizing the inherent inconveniences of the construction. Their quality is a guaranteed peace of mind for customers. Leisure Coast Kitchens will supply their customers with a quality built kitchen, using guaranteed quality products with excellent service before and after their kitchen is installed. All the trades’ people attending clients home are fully licensed and insured for peace of mind. Some of their work has been shown in the images below.

Analysis of production samples
The aim of production
Leisure Coast Kitchens consists of a team of professionals representing the absolute top in kitchen and cabinetry design. With an extensive background in the intricacies of public and commercial work, they create affordable and unique kitchen and cabinetry designs for their clients. By staying current with the latest trends in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles they provide their clients with a highly educated and experienced team of designers whose designs are on the leading edge in the industry. Offering a full range of design and installation services and a goal nothing short of 100% satisfaction, their industry leading design and construction professionals work hard to fulfil your needs while minimizing the inherent inconveniences of the construction. Their quality is a guaranteed peace of mind for customers. Leisure Coast Kitchens will supply their customers with a quality built kitchen, using guaranteed quality products with excellent service before and after their kitchen is installed.

Leisure Coast Kitchens use a range of techniques to create and finish their products in order to maintain the highest possible quality. Machines such a scribing saw, CNC router and an edge beader allow for maximum efficiency and also as limited waste as possible or order to create the product. The main technique used by LCK is the use of CNC router and computer programs to minimize waste and also to make sure that all measurements are accurate. The CNC router ensures that human error is very limited and that all cuts for that cut is accurate. LCK also use an electronic scribing saw to prevent tear out on all the timber products being used on the back side meaning all cuts are clean and save the time sanding and finishing those areas. This machine also has electronic controlled guides to ensure that each guide is in the correct position and it is completely accurate. The edge beader uses a machine guide and accurate place of gluing in order for maximum pressure, correct amount of glue and the edge to be placed in the right position where the is no waste of either timber or edging. These edges are correctly secured and the only input from human is supporting the sheet...

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