Industry Review

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Chiefs Pub and Eatery
Business Plan: Industry Analysis

Industry Review
Chief's Pub and Eatery's proposed location is Southeastern Wisconsin, on the boarder of Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. The business will be located on 2303 N Mayfair Wauwatosa WI 53226. The Company's selected location will maximize its ability to capitalize into the heavy consumer traffic generated by the mall, restaurants, boutiques, and other shops on the popular Mayfair Rd. The following table provides the most current U.S. Census data with regard to the population growth of Wauwatosa.
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Population and Growth1|
Population, 2011 estimate|46,629|5,709,843|
Population, 2010 ...view middle of the document...

|% Total|Total Employees|Total Sales|Average Employees|Average Sales|
581301|Bars |||||||

Market Place History
In the U.S. there are over 32,000 pubs/bars, in Wisconsin there are 8,476, In Milwaukee there are 1,011, and in Wauwatosa there are 33 restaurants, 5 bars, and 4 pubs. The population for Wauwatosa is around 46,396 where 35,626 (76%) are over the age of 21, and about 15,403 (33.3%) are between the ages of 21-44.
The table1 below will show the demographics of the targeted market in the city of Wauwatosa:

|| | |
[->1] Total population||46,396|100.0|
20 to 24 years||2,041|4.4|
25 to 29 years||3,843|8.3|
30 to 34 years||3,466|7.5|
35 to 39 years||3,136|6.8|
40 to 44 years||2,917|6.3|
|| | |
Median age (years)||39.8|( X )|
|| | |
21 years and over||35,262|76.0|
|| | |
[->2] Male population||21,637|46.6|
20 to 24 years||959|2.1|
25 to 29 years||1,804|3.9|
30 to 34 years||1,721|3.7|
35 to 39 years||1,547|3.3|
40 to 44 years||1,440|3.1|
|| | |
[->3] Female population||24,759|53.4|
20 to 24 years||1,082|2.3|
25 to 29 years||2,039|4.4|
30 to 34 years||1,745|3.8|
35 to 39 years||1,589|3.4|
40 to 44 years||1,477|3.2|

Median household income, 2007-20113 |
Bachelor's degree or higher, percent of persons age 25+, 2007-2011 |51.7%|Population, 2011 estimate |46,629|(Commerce, 2012)|

Factors that affect growth
Porters Five Forces
Threat of New Competition
Threat of Substitute Services
Casual dining as well as the night life in Wauwatosa are growing...

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