Infinity And Beyond Essay

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Sana Bhaduruddin
Instructor- David Landberger
ENG 101 - 079
30th Aug 2010

Infinity and Beyond?

Is the world a safe place to live? This is the question that is bothering many scientists
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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an executive agency of USA which is a pioneer in space program, aeronautics and aero-space research and it is the hope of the future in colonizing space. Many scientists and aeronauts are doing research on this . World famous scientist , Stephen Hawking has quoted in one of his statements that “I don’t think humans could survive on earth for more than 1,000 years ,unless we spread into space”. With the help of their researches and explorations, we can think about residing in space.
First step, would be to make a decision, statement or protocol for the program to colonize the space. NASA should accomplish a mission of where it wants togo in the future .Then the management’s role is the major part of the mission. It can run a website
for good communication and allow people to voice their opinions’ . Colonizing the space
mission is not going to be an easy task ,it’s not going to be piece of cake, it’s going to cost
billions and trillions of dollars .This is where many people are against the whole concept, firstly we are in the era of recession where in we can’t contribute or invest billions of

dollars ,second comes the habitat in space ; where the conditions are very unfavorable for a normal human being to survive. On the contrary, many biologists are harboring green algae which they think can be our source of oxygen and they are...

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