Influence Of Home Video On Youths

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“Kia ora. My name is Boy and welcome to my interesting world.” With these words Boy invited audiences to watch Taika Waititi’s highly successful comedy/drama. Cinema opens windows into multiple worlds; the study of film provides the tools with which to explore and understand these worlds.

For New Zealand actor Sam Neill, a long, lonely road was an essential image in the landscape of New Zealand filmmaking when he co-directed Cinema of Unease in 1996 with filmmaker Judy Rymer. Over the years talented scriptwriters, directors and producers have travelled this road. Today New Zealand cinema has moved far from its uneasy beginnings. It has become an international thoroughfare ...view middle of the document...

The language of film is specific to the industry and students learn how to use it. They also learn critical approaches to the analysis of production and critical theories of film aesthetics. Studies may cover topics such as the birth of cinema, the coming of sound, classical Hollywood, film noir, Italian neo-realism, Bollywood, Antipodean cinemas and indigenous filmmaking, digital cinema, CGI and special effects, romantic comedy, crime films, interactive documentaries, critical approaches to film and recent developments in film theory.

“Since time began humankind has gathered round campfires in the dark to listen to stories. They remind us of who we are, where we have come from, and where we want to go. I think today the cinema is the modern campfire and audiences go to the dark space of the cinema and sit in the light of the screen to get their stories,” says New Zealand film director, Gaylene Preston. As an art of audio-visual storytelling, film is a medium of communication rich with social implications, created within different social, historical and cultural contexts. University studies explore the significance of cinema in society, and articulate a number of key questions. How do different societies express themselves through film? What part does a director’s vision

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Those who earn their living in the film industry are highly motivated – they can’t imagine doing anything else. It is a high-risk, low-security business, which demands stamina and discipline, imagination, optimism, talent and a high tolerance for sleep deprivation. While the academic study of film is not vocational training, it offers a unique and exciting educative process that combines creative and practical with historical, theoretical and critical analysis. The outcome is a degree that is recognised and respected nationally and internationally.

images, they will also become adept at conveying their own ideas by using the technical language of filmmaking and criticism. Through practical projects, oral assessments and written assignments students present their work in a range of exciting mediums. Creativity Film provides many opportunities to develop original ideas through the medium of film. Practical projects and written assignments encourage students to take unique and personalised perspectives on a variety of subjects. In the production courses creativity is encouraged and fostered through scriptwriting, opportunities to direct scripts and creatively realise vision, and edit audio and visual materials in post-production suites. The result is the shaping of a creative...

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