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Influence Of Immigration In California Essay

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In “Down These Mean Streets,” D. Fine describes immigrants how “one carries one’s past into the present, and however successful one is in burying the past for a time, it resurfaces.” In other words, history, in many ways, re-emerges in people’s lives whether they want it or not. When history re-emerges, it can have both positive and negative effects on someone. In Raymond Chandler’s, “The Big Sleep,” the history of LA and the history of the characters drove and developed the plot. In the novel, several characters were immigrants from places like the Midwest and east coast. Although these were minor characters, they still represent the majority of the population in California; thus they play ...view middle of the document...

In the end, Marlowe figures out that it was Carmen who killed Regan and Vivian paid Canino to hide the body; and all this time, Regan’s body had been buried right under the oil field. In the novel, there were several characters who were immigrants. Agnes and Joe were from the Midwest and Regan was an Irishman. Ultimately, the California Dream is what made them immigrate; and it was immigrants that shaped the history of California.

There are two main reasons why a person would migrate to a new community such as southern California, to search for the California Dream and have a new life. When a person, such as Agnes, moves from the Midwest to California, they are not only searching for ways to earn money, but also to earn easy money in a short period of time. There are similarities and differences between the American dream and the California dream. Though both Dreams bring great fortune to people, the California dream is known to bring fortune with minimal effort; that’s one reason why Agnes and Joe moved from the Midwest to California. Another reason for migrating is to search for a new life: to leave history behind and to have a new beginning. However, what immigrants don’t realize is that, according to D. Spooner from “A New Perspective On The Dream,” “there is little doubt that the migration of people whose experiences caused them to flee close-knit communities must have had some role in the development of the kind of community that exists today.” This is basically saying only similar kinds of people, having similar characteristics and behavior, would leave a community, in the end, would affect the new community they are in. In “The Big Sleep”, Raymond Chandler didn’t specify what Agnes and Joe did before they came to Los Angele, but knowing what they are doing and what their goal is, readers can come to a conclusion that Agnes and Joe were in a similar business back in the Midwest.

As mentioned above, the emphasis of the California Dream is to earn easy money. Though the book didn't specify where in the Midwest did Agnes and Joe come from, it did state the purpose of why they moved to California, for the money. Agnes Lozelle is the front girl for Geiger’s pornography rental and Joe Brody is a man who’s involved in any kind of illegal schemes he could possibly be involved in. These two planned to take over Geiger’s pornography store and depart when enough money was made. The couple’s plan is simple, make the money and move on. California is a place that attracts these kinds of immigrants, when they earn enough money, they would simply go somewhere else. However, these people are also the ones that are simple minded. Take Agnes and Joe, for example, they moved to California and straight into the illegal side of business. This shows that both of them used to be involved in this type of business before they moved. And when Marlowe suggested an alternative and legit way money making, Joe laughed at him. This proves that Agnes and Joe only...

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