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Influenza Outbreak Essay

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Influenza Outbreak

Four years ago the good citizens of this city voted to allow city funds to be allocated toward a new civic center located in the heart of Irvine. Four years ago the good citizens of this great city had no idea that a terrible pandemic would threaten their very lives and the lives of their loved ones. When signs of the flu season came around in late October this year, no one would have imaged that a disease, often with symptoms like a common cold, would have by the end of the year killed almost half of those killed in the Great War itself. Places all across the nation have had to deal with the sick and dying and Irvine is no exception.

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In the long run this may end up hurting the city financially. A lot of money was invested into the project in hopes that it would help make Irvine the cultural capital of Southern California which would translate into more people and more business. The city has already had to cancel several performances that were set to perform after the center's opening in May. It is unknown how much lost revenue this will cause the city.

This week's counts were mainly centered near the farming fields and homes around MacArthur. The majority of those reporting were farm hands and day laborers working on the orange fields near by. In addition 60 deaths related to influenza were reported as well. This brings the total deaths in Irvine as a result of influenza to 2979. It should also be noted that out of the deceased a majority of them ranged from ages 18 to 35. This week's report has prompted many citizens to call for more strict procedures within public areas and schools. Local authorities and health professionals are responding to reports that certain streetcar crews have not been following the proper procedures concerning the number of riders allowed in a car during transportation. Police Chief Kumpbranik said that streetcar crews who were found to not follow city ordinance concerning passenger limitations would be arrested and fined.

In other news Irvine Medical has been trying to secure more gauze masks for citizens but have had to...

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