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Informal Letter: Purpose Essay

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- Informal letters may be used to share news, thank or compliment someone, or just to say "Hello".

- An informal letter is written to people we know well. We might write an informal letter to our parents, grandparents, or our friends.

- This letter is written by a friend to pay compliment to his friend, Phil.



1. Heading:

- The Sender’s address: The address and date should be in the right hand corner. A standard Sender’s address often has: Name or Company – Number address and Street – Country – Postcode. However, it is not necessary to include the country and the postcode i.e. 10101. However, if you are writing to someone outside the country, always include your country and ...view middle of the document...

Obviously if you are writing to your father, you would not use “Hey!” unless of course you are extremely close.
4. Body:
- Use Informal language
- The first paragraph generally expresses a greeting, followed by wishes of good health. Remember you are writing to someone you know very well, so try to be as friendly as possible:
“How are you my dear sister?”
- However, always use your discretion. Try not to go overboard. Some people become bold and daring in letters and write things that they would otherwise not say to the person face to face. Obviously if you are writing to an adult that you respect, like your dad, try not to write things like:
“What’s up dude!” or “What’s going down?”
- Try to picture the person you are writing to standing in front of you. Imagine the things that you would say to him and write them down. This will help you not to go overboard.

- Also avoid boring sentences like…
“I am writing this letter to….”
- Unless you are writing to a stranger. Even so, try to be as amiable as possible:
“I have heard so much about you and would be head over heels with joy if you could agree to be my pen pal.”
5. Closing:
- Depending on your letter's purpose, you may want to invite the reader to write back or stay in touch, or thank your reader for taking the time to share these moments.

- Since this is not a formal letter, you should use these words to close a letter: Good bye; God bless; Take care; Love; Best wishes; Kind regards; With love; Yours; Be well; Have fun; Cheers; Or use some symbols: xxoo; xoxo; xxx.

6. Signature:

- Remember, your relationship with your reader will determine if you sign just your first name, a nickname, or both your first and last name.


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