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Information Essay

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Healing Spiritually
Marcus Dalton
Grand Canyon 7/1/14
University: HLT-305

With so many diverse faiths and denominations most religions teach healing and the art of helping others. Several individuals from different faiths were interviewed to see how their differences in beliefs affected how they viewed healing and health care. Those interviewed consisted of such faiths and denominations as Protestant, Mormon, and Lutheran. Each person was asked questions on the perspective of how faith was used in healing, the process, and how to handle others religious views that differ from theirs when being cared for. Each person came up with different views on how healing should be performed. ...view middle of the document...

 Look at how little man really understands about the gestation and birth of a child or how to prevent or cure ALS, MS, cancer or dementia.  The Mormon faith states from Tia Dalton that if all treatments are done through science, prayer is performed, and all avenues have been met then God will determine if there person is to be healed.
The protestant faith shows that it is perfectly possible for a person who doesn't pray, meditate or even believe to be healed.   God has over time shown that he has been able to work through modern medicine.  Occasionally God does performing miraculous healing thorough avenues that man does not understand how.  Nevertheless, there is a strong biblical principal that healing is much more likely to happen through faith and obedience.  If God tells you to go was in the river seven times, your outcome is likely to be much more positive if you do so. But God is still in control and He can heal someone who is completely unworthy instead of just mostly unworthy.  Protestants certainly believe in the benefits of prayer (Psalm 30:2).  With prayer being a key component they say that if a person believes in God and performs prayers for the sick it can make a difference (James 5:14/16).  I think that when one is sick, particularly when one is very sick, prayer gives one hope for the future; either in the form of healing or in the form of divine comfort. The Lutheran faith is very similar and states that prayer and faith are both critical components for healing.  Both can be used for guidance in determining which of man's treatments a person is willing to undergo.  They also believe that God wants you to take good care of your earthly body and preventative measures are important.  If you are stricken by something that man's science can not cure, it is important to meditate upon the lessons that can be learned and the blessings that can be received by going through this experience. The Mormon belief is that the body is sacred and the process for healing begins with prayer and fasting. Then after such a time they can ask for a spiritual blessing from a priesthood holder for divine comfort or healing. Proper medical science must be follow to get the best chance for healing and the person requesting the healing must have faith in order for the blessing to work. All blessings must be given by inspiration from the Holy Ghost and personal feelings or wants cannot outweigh the Lords will.
No person of any faith interviewed expects a given health care professional to share similar beliefs.  Each one does expect that they respect each belief.  Protestant David received person care and had a health care provider patronizingly say to him, "A belief in God is helpful to many people..." and then subsequently tell him why it was mostly nonsense and placebo effect.  Not in those words, but essentially....

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