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Information Leaflet Essay

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301. (a) Explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education training,
Identifying Needs.
ROLES, Teacher, Assessor, Reviewer.
Responsibilities; It will be important to identify the needs of the learners so that you can plan / design the course to meet the individual requirements of the learners, this may be carried out through interview prior to the course taking place or through an application process where the learner needs can be identified, these could include social, physical intellectual, cultural, and emotional issues.
ROLES, Planner, Reviewer, Organiser.
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Learners should be told at the start of each session what the aims and objectives are and how these relate to the course outcome. During the session teachers should support their learners and assess their knowledge through a range of formative assessments.
Teachers have a responsibility to keep their learners safe (physically and emotionally), they need to assess the safety of classroom activities and make sure that none of the learners are being bullied, harassed, discriminated against either by themselves, the organisation, or by other learners.
Teachers have a responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient up to date knowledge or skill to deliver the course content and answer any learner questions.

Assess and Evaluate.
ROLES; Assessor, marker, recorder, reviewer, feedback provider
Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that learner achievement and progression is checked throughout the learning process (formative assessment) and at the end of the course (summative assessment). The assessment methods have to be fair, reliable and valid and linked to the planned activity tasks, with consistent marking strategy.
(b) Explain how the teaching/training role involves working with other professional.
All teachers should act in a appropriate way with everyone they meet, this includes their learners, colleagues, parents, and other professionals, this means that the teacher will be competent, ethical, will be trustworthy, reliable and committed. Teachers should strive to put their learners first, be approachable, and keep up to date with their own personal development, and offer the most up to date information to their learners.
(c) Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles.
Professionalism requires us to attain and maintain appropriate standards and...

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