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Information Protection Sheet Essay

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Information Protection Worksheet

Look at the following pictures. From what you can see, determine what physical and technical safeguards are currently being used to protect sensitive information. Additionally, look for potential issues that could be improved.

Write a 100- to 200-word summary for each situation explaining the strengths and weaknesses of security and privacy. If you identify weaknesses, propose safeguards that could be used to correct them.

Situation 1


Hint: Consider the proximity of the receptionist to the waiting patients.


The weaknesses in this picture are that the receptionist doesn’t have ...view middle of the document...

It is very beneficial if they were using electronic health records in their office because itm can reduce medical errors, improve patient communication and be time and cost efficient. The women in the picture also seem to be happy to be at work. This is good because a happy, positive environment improves patients experience in the doctor's office. As a health care provider, the goal is to make sure that all patients are getting quality care and satisfaction.

Privacy and Security

Consider this week’s readings and class discussion about privacy and security rules and the storage of records.

Write 50- to 100-word answers for each of the following questions based on your readings and class discussion:

1. What is the difference between privacy and security?

Privacy and Security are similar but do have differences. In the HIPPA Privacy & HIPPA Security Act, Privacy focuses on patient rights to control their own information.The Privacy Rule covers oral,paper and electronic health information. Security deals with administrative,technical and physical safeguards. Security protects unauthorized users from accessing external and internal hard drives.

2. Identify standards established through the Privacy Rule to protect individuals’ health information.
The standards of the privacy rule protect patients Health care records. This rule also requires that patients...

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