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Information System Essay

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Executive summary
Strategic options development and analysis and Cognitive mapping can be used for a variety of purpose for solving problems through structure, analysing and making sense of accounts of problems. Nowadays these become more and more important tool for decision making. This report will do a research for the SODA/Cognitive mapping from theory, advantages, disadvantages, application and the range of applicability. And as well, the relative theories about cognitive mapping, oval mapping and casual mapping will be discussed.
In order to support decision making in practice, multiple criteria analysts need to address the issue of problem structuring. The mythology for strategy formulation and organisational problem solving (SODA and Cognitive Mapping) is an essential issue to analysis in business situation. This is because a new trend is emerging with the integration ...view middle of the document...

’ So the staff, called ‘idea people’ can help decision maker to collect information and make business strategies.
In general, there are two parts to understand the SODA. First of all, collecting information is for the decision maker to collect information for the organization. Secondly, the decision maker needs the ‘idea people’ to help them analyzing the information. In this process, Strategic options development and analysis consult in strategy policy decision and strategy delivery (Eden & Ackermann 1998a). Moreover, the process will be affected by some factors, such as personality, roles, politics and power dimensions (Rosenhead & Mingers 2001). For example, different people have different personality, which means that the decision maker could make different policy through SODA, even though the problem and situation are the same.
According to Pidd (2010) presented, ‘the assumption of the SODA is that organizations are composed of individual people who may or may not choose to operate together in a system. And each individual is assumed to hold views on what happening to them and about what they would like to see happen.’ So the Strategic options development and analysis aims to provide a management team to develop a commitment to joint action in terms of changing thinking and action.
Cognitive mapping is a modeling technique to represent a problem space by a series of interconnected causal maps (Eden, Ackermann & Cropper 1992). In other word, strategic options development and analysis (SODA) elicits the ‘idea person’s information. This kind of information is represented on cognitive mapping, which include relevant concepts, and the linkage between concepts (Beasley 2004). What is more, the concepts are linked by arrows, which show the relationship between the concepts. As Pidd (2010) presented in his book, ‘the concept at the start (or trail) of the arrow can be thought of as the means to achieving the concept at the end (or head) of the arrow. The structure of the cognitive mapping is showed as below:

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