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Information System Briefing Essay

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Information System Briefing
Boston’s Mobile Mammography Van has been helping women receive a free mammography for the past five years. This mobile service travels around Massachusetts with licensed technologists and radiologists on board. Since the beginning of the Mobile Mammography Van all paperwork and documentation has been done manually. “The current lack of a software system introduces risks due to potential regulatory issues, patient safety issues due to potential missed follow-up, as well as program risks due to potential loss of funding” (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009, para. 9). Implementing a new software system will benefit the Mobile Mammography Van greatly. This paper is intended ...view middle of the document...

al., 2009, pg. 152). Separate from the defined project goals should be system goals. These goals pertain to what features are important in a new system and how the organization hopes to benefit from the new system. After all project and system goals are defined the organization should define and prioritize the system requirements. These requirements include preferences from the organization on how they want the system to function. The organization should “… package these requirements into a structure that a third party can respond to …” (Wager, et. al., 2009. pg. 154).
The organization can explore other options for acquiring the system by contracting with an application service provider, a system developer, or build in-house, evaluate vendor proposals, develop evaluation criteria, hold vendor demonstrations, make site visits, and check references (Wager, et. al., 2009). One of the final steps in determining which proposed system is right for the organization is to prepare a cost-benefit analysis. This allows the organization to compare cost and benefits of the proposed systems. Once a final system has been selected the organization will create a summary report of the entire process leading to the final selection. “The final step of the system acquisition process is to negotiate a contract with the vendor” (Wager, et. al., 2009, pg. 161).
Organizational Goals that Drive the Selection Process
“The selection of a new healthcare information system (HIS) has always been a daunting process for clinicians, health care providers and policy makers” (Gortzis, 2010, pg. 1). This tough selection can be driven by the organization’s goals. The Mobile Mammography Van program has the goal of expanding with a new system by increasing the number of patients, acquiring the ability to handle scheduling g, registration, clinical and demographic data straight from the van, and more easily track patient data. The system will also allow this program to limit paperwork and easily store patient information from the van. The major goal of the Mobile Mammography Van program is to decrease breast cancer in women by early diagnosis and quick follow-up...

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