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Information Systems Essay

814 words - 4 pages

Financial & Management Information
Individual Coursework Assessment Guidance

This document provides hints and tips of what your tutors will be looking for and should be read in conjunction with the actual assignment brief, from you module learning scheme (green booklet) and with advise from your seminar tutor.

1). Information requirements at Operational, Tactical and Strategic levels etc.

In this section you should be looking at the information needs of the business/organisation/function at the three levels of decision making. A good depth of analysis of the needs is essential to gain good marks here and there should be a focus towards the core activities i.e. the 'adding ...view middle of the document...

Examples of these can be seen in some of the 'Systems in… ' DVDs available in the Learning Centre and will have been referred to.


3). Evaluate examples of Internet based IS for cost savings and added value

In this section you need to examine the use of the Internet where Information Systems are Web-based. Why is this? Is it to save costs and/or add value? Does it empower people within or outside the function or organisation? Does it facilitate joint working between organisations? Etc... There will be many case studies and evaluations of such practices available from academic sources, consider E-Commerce, E-Marketing and E-HRM as examples to search on!

As students, primary research to find out how web enabled information may flow between such companies and their suppliers/partners may be difficult, as this may not be visible to you online and so secondary research sources will be necessary.

In addition, to looking backwards down the supply chain you should identify how internal processes may be enabled through web based IT/IS and also forward to the customer (again there were some good examples in the lectures).


Research and Academic underpinning

As well as adding to the value of your mark for the above four sections, you will be awarded additional marks for the level of and quality of your research into this topic. Underpinning and evidencing, with...

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