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Information Systems And Management: Decision Making In Business Organizations

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Introduction:Barletta's Fine Foods (BFF) Ltd operates from King's Norton in south Birmingham and supply food products to various retail outlets and restaurants. The company has performed well in the past and has ambitious growth plans for the near future, however there are problems in various functional departments of the company that have hindered its growth. Top management is determined to enhance the performance as well as the efficacy of the business by adapting a strategic decision support system (DSS) that exploits recent advances in the Information technology.This paper makes an attempt to formulate various strategies for BFF Ltd aimed at enhancing the organisational efficiency and ...view middle of the document...

These organisations differ based on the goals and objectives that they aim to achieve. Some organisations may be for profit while others may be not for profit while some others may be charitable organisations.Various characteristics of an organisation include a cohesive group of mostly like-minded people working together to achieve certain goals and objectives. Typically, business organisations work towards achieving a vision, which is often directed by a mission statement. Various strategies are formulated in order to achieve various objectives within constrains of environment in which the business operates. The process is defined as strategic management and may be spread across all functional levels.Andrews (1971) defines corporate strategy as "a pattern of major objectives, purpose or goals and essential policies or plans for achieving those goals, stated in such a way as to define what business the company is in or is to be in and the kind of company it is or is to be".The Managing Director of BF F Alphonsus de Marco is a forward-looking ambitious man keen to improve the performance of his company. He is quality conscious and wants the company to adapt to various quality practices and is therefore vying for prestigious BS5750 accreditation. The company's organisational structure is shown in figure No 1.The functional organisation of the company consists of Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human resources and Information technology. A departmental head looks after day-to-day activities of all these functional departments. It appears Information technology has limited or negligible role in functional strategy of the organisation.Problems faced by BFF:Company has some problems encountered in all its functional area and have been outlined in Table No 1.Table No 1 Problems faced by BFF ltd:Department èSales & MarketingOperationsFinanceHuman ResourcesInformation TechnologyHeadGnio BourPaul McMillanMark TownsendSonia LeeGordon McKenzieProblems: qDelivery of wrong productqLate Deliveries.qIncomplete orders.qFaulty products,qLow priority given to important orders. qPoor inventory management.qLack of a proper supply chainqIncomplete and erroneous Sales RepotsqPoor flow and utilisation of financial data. qPayroll data is outsourced.qLack of definite HR policies.qLimited roleqNeed further development and more roles in the strategic planning of BFF.SWOT Analysis of BFF ltd:Strengths:qOrganic Food.qSteady Growth with steady turnover and profitability.qOperating in food industry which is non seasonal and has business all through the year.qHas a robust supplier base spread across entire Europe.qCompany has a large customer base.Weaknesses:qSeem to have a poor organisational culture as manifested in various problems encountered by various functional departments.qLimited role of Information Technology in strategic decision-making.qPoor Human Resources.qLack of scientific inventory management and supply chain.Opportunities:qThere are...

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