Information Systems Paper

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Information Systems Paper
By Aram Abramyan
CJA 570/Scott McMillan
March 8, 2010
University of Phoenix, Online

The United States of America is comprised many companies, organizations, and agencies, which contribute to our daily lives and they contribute to convenience of our daily routines. Some of these organizations and agencies are also directly responsible for the safety and the well being of the citizens and properties of this country. We often time take for granted how important and crucial these organizations are to us, and we often take for granted the consequences of what would happen in these organizations failed.
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Their only source of communication is radios and Global Satellite Positioning systems. Such a unit might spend weeks on the field gathering information and transmitting it back to headquarters. An example of information gathered would be the number or enemy combatants, or the number of tanks and artillery that the enemy has, or even the uniform and the weapons that they are carrying. That kind of information and intelligence is crucial part of the success of any combat operation. Commanders depend on that information to plan the necessary strategy of the operation. If the information and the technology system of the Army were to fail, then it becomes obvious what kind of consequences it may have. The first thing that would happen would be that the forward observation unit will be stranded. They will have no form of communication or information with headquarter. A situation like that can become very dangerous because if the enemy spots the unit or attacks, then the boots on the ground will not have any means of requesting an extraction or requesting air support. They will almost certainly be capture or killed. The domino effect of that the commanders will have no clue what the enemy is doing and when they are planning and attack and so on. It can potentially change the outcome of a battle and create a lot of problems for the Army.
We have looked at the possibility of what...

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